Joota Chupaai – How to bag a deal?

Joota Chupai is an interesting event at an Indian wedding adding some element of fun to the serious proceedings going on at the mandap. In the joota chupai tradition, the bride’s family hides the groom’s shoes and returns it only after getting some gifts in return. But this method of extracting gifts has become very passé. So, why not do things differently with these interesting options given below.

  1. Get a contract ready

Once you get hold of the groom’s shoes, there is no way he is going to leave without them. So now is the time to sharpen your knives and make him dance to your tunes. Therefore, get a contract ready outlining your terms and conditions. It could be something from a simple pizza treat every month to something as expensive as an IPhone or an iPad. But make sure that before you hand over to the shoes to your brother-in-law, he signs the contarct.

  1. On the table

Since this is the most important deal of the evening, why not seal and sign it at a round table. How impressive would be that. Line up both the parties and sit across a round table to negotiate and finalize the deal. Allow everyone to participate in the discussions right from children to elders and make it one raucous affair but in all this fun do not forget to bargain hard and seal the deal to your liking.

  1. Have him walk on heels

If you have managed to get hold of the groom shoes do not bargain for money. Instead bring a twist to the tale and ask the groom to walk on stilettos instead. That would be one awesome creative twist to the joota chupai ritual. If the groom refuses to tow your line, you can emotionally blackmail him. If he still refuses then it becomes a win-win situation for you as then he has to give in to your demands.

  1. Get hold of one pair of shoe

Team bride, if nothing seems to work for you then at least grab a pair of one shoe. Then the ball or shoe is clearly in your court but definitely the groom wouldn’t go home with one shoe on. And if he does so, well then that would be a sight in itself. You can even take a video and blackmail him afterwards for a price. For the video that you will take is a lot pricier than any amount of money you may demand. Team groom, no need to be disappointed. You too can apply the same trick on the bride’s family. You can even catch them unawares for no one in the bride’s family would be expecting this and you can easily steal away with the brides shoes.

Joota chupai is a fun ritual of our weddings. So why not give it a twist and make it more interesting so that people remember it for years to come.

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