Kitchen safety for kids

8 top tips

Kitchen is often considered as the most important parts of a household. It is known to be the powerhouse, since foods are prepared here and we consume that food to inject the potion of energy in our body. Such a place of your household requires safety measures for obvious reasons and if you have kids in your house, double safety measures have to be ensured. To keep your kitchen area safe for your kids and to restrict the chances of any possible hazards, you should follow the tips that are described below:

  • Keep the knives in a closed cabinet: it is essential that you have closed cabinets in your kitchen, where you should keep sharp edged stuffs, like knives, forks, etc. If you do not have closed cabinets in your kitchen, you should keep the knives at a height which is not accessible by your small kid.


  • Keep the Chemicals at a safe place: To keep the kitchen clean, we keep a lot of chemical stuffs in the kitchen. For example, a bottle of phenyl, a bottle of dishwasher, etc. You have to make sure that your curious kid does not get access to all these stuffs. Most of these stuffs come with stator warning that you should keep them away from your kids. Hence, following that warning religiously, you should keep such stuffs inside a closed cabinet.


  • Keep the electric plugs away from water contact: Electric plugs should be kept way from water contact otherwise electric hazards may take place and due to that significant damages will occur.


  • Safety gate for open kitchen: If you have an open kitchen plan or setup at your house, you must ensure having a safety gate to keep your kid away from the kitchen premise.


  • Place Glass made stuffs at a proper height: Kids have the knack to experiment with new things. They like to play around with the stuffs that they get inside the house within their reach. Playing with glass made kitchen appliances or utensils is always a risky matter. Broken glasses can cause physical damages to your baby and this is why proper safety measures have to be taken. Keep the glass made stuffs out of your kid’s reach.


  • Do not let your kid to enter kitchen when you are cooking: When you are working or cooking inside the kitchen, do not let your kid to enter and annoy you. As you lose your concentration or focus, you put both yourself and your kid in deep danger.


  • Keep kitchen floor dry: Make sure your kitchen floor is not littered with plastics or other stuffs and try to keep the floor as much as dry s possible. As kitchen floor stays dry, your kid has minimum chances to fall for any accidents.


  • Keep kids away from spices: In most of the kitchens, spices are stacked in various bottled. These bottles of spices should not fall in hands of your kids. Spices may enter in eyes or nose of your kid and due to that irritations can be caused.

Following such simple yet highly effective tips, you can make your kitchen a safer place for your kid. Do not encourage your kid to play with kitchen utensils and other stuffs – keep your kitchen clean as well as hygienic.

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