What a Leo Man Looks for in a Woman?

It isn’t difficult for a Leo man to attract women. He can do that without even trying. The hard part is attracting the Leo man. No Leo man that I know is without his set of admirers. Even when they are in serious relationships, women just can’t help falling for them. If you know he’s in a relationship, please don’t pursue. We, women, need to stand for each other. But if you Leo man crush is single, then you might want to start laying your trap soon. It isn’t easy catching a lion. He is the king of the jungle. But the right woman can entice him into forgetting about his crown. The right woman according to him. So, who is the Leo man’s, perfect woman? What does a Leo Man look for in a woman? I’m here to help you figure out.

leo man looks in a woman

What are the traits of a Leo male?

What does a Leo man look for in a woman? To better answer that question, one needs to first understand the kind of man one is dealing with. This is something that can be understood quite well using the analogy of the Lion, which is the symbol of this zodiac sign. There is a pride in the Leo man rivalled only by the child-like attention needs of the Aries.

They love being the centre of attention. Nor does a Leo shy away from receiving compliments. Leo men are vain to a fault. But not so much that they can be made a fool of. They are looking for someone who doesn’t just compliment their style but also gives them the real deal. This superficial looking man is in search of true love. Always.

What Kind of Woman Does a Leo Man Like?

You probably already have some understanding of this now. So, let’s jot down the things he looks for in a woman. The first most important thing is the ability to give him the attention he needs and demands. Very rarely was there a king who wanted to be left alone. They crave admiration and expect it from their partner. A woman who cannot appreciate the Leo man will never have his heart. But that’s not all. You should look good while admiring him.

A Leo man places a lot of importance on good looks. But this is not in the material sense of the term. He wants women who know how to dress well and look presentable. A well-groomed, well-dressed, and poised woman will go a long way with this man. When all these first tests are passed, he looks for a woman with unquestionable loyalty. Your definitions of loyalty might differ. He is not just looking for someone who would never cheat. He is looking for a woman who will always have his back. Even when, and especially when, he’s wrong.

More importantly, he’s looking for a woman who loves him passionately. A half-assed attitude towards the relationship will get you nowhere. He won’t admit it, but even when he’s not thinking long-term, he doesn’t want the romance to lack anything.

What Attracts a Leo Man?

 attract a leo man

Now that you know what he wants, let’s put it to action. That is, let’s make him want you. Step no. 1 is to be the best version of yourself. Leo man doesn’t even recognize second best. So, you need to make sure that you are dressed in your very best, no matter what it is. Your eyebrows need to be in perfect shape, your manners perfectly polished, your persona should be remarkable. The first impression on a Leo will last a lifetime. Never try to attract a Leo by self-pity. They have a very keen sense of how much drama or baggage people carry with them. If he feels that you are too much for him to take, he will move away with the pride of a king.

Don’t swoon over him. Or at least don’t let him know that you are swooning over him. While he will count this as a personal victory it wouldn’t make you seem interesting. Be the independent, 21st-century woman that you are. You will have to go out to hunt for him sometimes. He needs to be sure that you are up for the task. You don’t have to spend your time letting him know how much he means to you. He knows his worth. What you need to know is your own worth and not depend on him for reassurance. That’s what attracts a Leo man to a Capricorn woman. He is looking for a queen to rule the world with him. He wouldn’t settle for a next-door Susan. Unless the Susan next door is an angel sent from heaven.

How to Make a Leo Man Want You?

Moving over the first impression business, now you have to go for the kill. Like I said earlier, the Leo man loves attention. Make your affection for him known. do this by giving him attention over everyone else. Don’t lose yourself in his service though. Never criticise him in public, especially in front of those closest to him. Even when you criticize him in private, do so gently.

Always look impeccable. Whether you are at home or outside, Leo will respect deeply a woman who always maintains herself well. That’s what attracts a Leo man to a Taurus woman. He will be attracted to you if you are independent and have a life of your own. But he needs you to show interest in his life too. Ask him about his work, his hobbies, his interests. Stay up-to-date with all that’s happening in his life. Never forget that subtlety is the key in all of this. This man doesn’t mind PDA. If you feel like you have started dating, don’t shy away from PDA.

How Does a Leo Man Show Interest in a Woman?

The first sign that a Leo man is interested in you is that he will prefer your company over all else. If in a group of his friends or a room full of people he singles you out, he’s interested. He’ll be very focused on you. This means that even when you crack a joke that no one else pays mind to, he will. He’ll probably even fake a laugh or an amused smile to make you feel special. If he is suggesting things that the two of you can do together, then that’s another sign. This means that he wants to spend more quality time with you. Preferably alone.

The Leo man doesn’t always need someone to comfort them. But if he is pouring his heart out to you, he wants you to comfort him. That’s his way of growing closer to you, no matter how hypocritical that might sound. The Leo man always wants to be pampered. But if the reverse is happening, then he has his eyes set on you woman.

How to Get a Leo Man to Commit?

 Leo man to commit

 Getting him to commit is the part you will have to be very focussed on. If you know he’s interested, then don’t slack. The battle is only half won. Firstly, never let your attention towards him weaken. He needs to know that you are his biggest cheerleader. Anything less than what you first showed him will sow seeds of discontent. You will have to let him dominate which will be difficult for an Aries or a Sagittarius woman. He’s the king of the jungle. He knows he was born to rule. So, how else do you expect him to behave? He’s not a tame cat.

Use your feminine charms to seduce him. He will never admit it, but he falls prey to seductive flirting easily. So long as you keep that up, he would never look elsewhere. That’s what attracts a Leo man to a Pisces woman. Impress him with your elegance and style. The Leo guy loves a lady. He knows how rare one comes with true and proper gentlewoman. If he knows you to be one, he would cherish you like you deserve to be cherished.


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