Look taller without painful heels–Top 7 tips

There is no disputing the fact that women love heels and more so petite women. But it is also true that wearing heels all day long can be very uncomfortable, not to mention the bad effect it has on our posture. If you thought that heels are the only way by which you can look tall then you are in for a real surprise. Mentioned below are a few tricks which will add those extra inches to your height without you having to wear heels at all.

Wear Dresses with Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripe dresses create an impression of extra length thus making a person look taller. Therefore the next time you go shopping don’t forget to pick a pair with vertical stripes. Stay away from horizontal stripes though as they will add extra width and make you look short.

Wear monochrome Outfits

Well you need the attitude to carry this off but wearing a monochrome outfit is a great way to create the illusion of added height. Since there is no break between the upper and lower part of your dress, it would create an image of a taller person. Not only will you look tall but it would also give you a leaner look.

Go for Small Bags

Yes, it is true. The size of one’s bag can play a great role in determining one’s appearance. Oversized and large bags add extra width to the body thus making a person look shorter. Petite sized women are thus advised to carry small bags as they will draw attention away from your height.

Add height on your Top

This is another great trick to add length to your body instead of having to wear heels. Tie up your hair and pull it in a bun. This will add a few inches to your height. Another way to add inches to your height would be to go for a puff hairstyle. That will not only add to your height but make you look glamorous as well.

Maintain a proper posture

Maintaining a correct posture can add immensely to your height. To look tall all you have to do is maintain a straight and upright posture. So petite ladies, no more slouching and walking around with a drooping shoulder – walk with your head held up high and see how tall it makes you feel.

Stay away from Baggy Fits

You might have a fascination for baggy dresses but if you are not that tall then it is better to stay away from these outfits as they add to the width making one look shorter. A fitted dress shorn of unnecessary embellishments is the right one for petite people.

Correct Footwear

Choosing the right footwear can also help you in looking taller. Strappy sandals and pointed toe flats can make you look taller. If you love wearing boots then go in for a boot that ends just above the ankles rather than a full length one.

Now that you know about other techniques to make you feel tall, why not give your painful heels a miss and try out these tricks which will give your height an added boost minus the pain.

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