Losing weight – do it the right and healthy way!

Losing weight - do it the right and healthy way!

There are various diets available for people around the world on the internet. But, how many of these diets can one follow, when 20% of the ingredients are not even available at a kiosk nearby?

The solution is here. In my healthy diet for the Indian woman, I will focus solely on foods that are made in India, in a regular household for Indians.


  • Your plate

Losing weight - do it the right and healthy way!

You plate is broken down into carbs, fruits, vegetables, proteins and fats. The trick is that, in order to lose weight, you must make sure that your plate always has all of these food groups present on it. So, if you are going to have chicken tikka. Then 3 pieces of chicken tikka must be eaten with half a plate of fruits and vegetables, along with a form of bread.


  • Your drink

All forms of aerated drinks are a strict no-no. If you are tempted stick to a diet variety, Prefer lemonade with salt or a simple glass of water with your meal.


  • Junk food

A single burger from Mc Donald’s will have enough calories to finish up your daily calorie limit. So, if you are going to have a pizza or a burger, you won’t be able to eat anything else all day.


  • Calories

Limit your calories to 1800 calories a day, with exercise or 1600 calories, without exercise if you are overweight. This is your daily intake of calories. Download a health app on your phone, which is India specific, to help you track your calories.


  • 6 meals

Losing weight - do it the right and healthy way!

You must have 6 meals in a day. The meal can be an orange or a few nuts as well. Anything to give you a little energy through the day. Do not fast and then feast. Balance your meals so each meal is around 300 calories. If you are working, carry biscuits and yogurt with you for a quick meal.


  • Daily meals

If you are eating at home, know that one chappati is generally around 50 calories; a small katori of rice is also the same. So, if you are having one roti with a small katori of rice that is perfectly fine.


  • Salads

Losing weight - do it the right and healthy way!

Salads are good for you. Make different types of salads at home using olive oil, lemon and pepper as dressing. Make it a meal and finish it off with some form of clear soup or dal.


  • Have an early dinner

This is very important; your food should be settled in your system when you decide to call it a night. If you are planning to sleep by 12, you should be done with your dinner by 9pm.


  • Cheat day

Let the weekend with your family be your cheat day. Your calorie count is the best of 3 days so, if you are eating heavy on one day, catch up on your calories by going on a liquid diet the next day. If you are drinking stay away from beer and prefer wine instead. Also, start reading labels so you know what you are eating.


I hope these tips help you lose weight. You need to aim for 1 kg a week to get into your weight zone and once you have dropped 5-9 kg’s you can start supplementing this diet with exercise and achieve your target in just 6 months, without hurting your body. For those of you, who don’t need drastic weight loss, follow these simple tips to simply maintain your weight.



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