Bollywood Top Actresses – love or work?

Bollywood Top Actresses –  love or work?  Well, Bollywood does not treat the actors and actresses equally when it comes to their personal life. While ‘Marriage’ seems to have no effect on the career of Bollywood actors, it sometimes shakes the world of the actresses upside down. Though there is a marked change in the attitude of fans towards married actresses now, most of the top actresses prefer not to marry early. It has also been a trend of Bollywood to hide early marriage, if it occurs so that the career of the actress and the fan following is not affected. Bollywood actresses have always chosen their professional life over personal life for long. Breaking this trend of Bollywood, there have been some courageous actresses that chose to marry and quit the glitzy world when they were well established. Some of them were even at the top position when they chose marriage over career.


  1. Neetu Singh 

Bollywood Top Actresses – love or work?

Neetu Singh started her career as a child artist and emerged as one of leading ladies of Bollywood when she grew. She is married to one of the top actors Rishi Kapoor, who belong to one of the biggest and reputed families of Bollywood. She started dating Rishi at the age of 14 and gave several super hits to Bollywood cinema pairing with him. At a very early age of 21, she married Rishi Kapoor and never worked in films post marriage when she was young. However, both of them have paired again for some of the Bollywood movies in the past few years and can be seen playing roles of parents of the leads in the movies. Neetu says that she wanted to devote all her life to family so she chose not to work after marriage.


  1. Saira Bano

Bollywood Top Actresses – love or work?

One of the most beautiful faces of Bollywood, Saira Bano tied knots with the Superstar Dilip Kumar aka Usuf Khan at an early age of 22. Their marriage took place in the year 1996. She was the diva who stood at the top and ruled over the hearts of millions when she stopped working in Bollywood movies. People believed that the age gap of 22 years would not let their marriage work as she was only 22 and Dilip kumar was 44 when the wedding took place but they proved everyone wrong by standing by each other for so many years now.


  1. Meenakshi Sheshadri 

Meenakshi was one of the finest and top actresses of late 80’s. She was a divine beauty, a trained classical dancer and a natural actress. She worked in big hits like Ghayal, Ghatak and Damini. She was a critically acclaimed actress who possessed all qualities to hold the top position, only if she had wished to do so but Meenakshi married an investment banker Harish Mysore at the peak of her career. Post marriage, she moved to USA and left Bollywood forever. She is now a mother of two and runs a Dance School in Texas.


  1. Sonali Bendre 

Bollywood Top Actresses – love or work?

Her smile used to take away hearts of the fans. She was not only an ultimate beauty but also a good actress. She has worked with all the Khans of Bollywood. Though, she never adorned the top position, she was considered a good performer. Sonali married director Goldi Behl in the year 2002 and after that she was seen doing a special appearance in the movie ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. She has worked in ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara’ after a decade but says that this might be her last appearance on silver screen. She can be seen as a judge on some reality shows and endorsing several products. She has recently penned down a book ‘The modern Gurukul’.


  1. Bhagyashri 

She made her debut with Salman Khan in one of the most romantic movies of all time ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. Her beauty and simplicity made her a star overnight. Teenagers went crazy after copying her dressing style and hairstyle. Her character ‘Suman’ became an ideal for Indian youth. Soon after her successful debut, she married actor Himalaya at the age of nineteen and broke the hearts of millions of fans by quitting Bollywood. She says that she made the sacrifice for the person she loves the most.


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