Methods against swollen eyes or face

Methods against swollen eyes or face

Everybody needs their beauty sleep, but what helps you to look you had a good nights rest, if you hadn´t? We found that a cucumber mask does not only help you with dry skin, but it also has a refreshing effect on it. We want to present you a few tricks that might help you.


Cucumber mask

Methods against swollen eyes or face


1 up to 2 tsp curd
1 small cup rasped cucumber
2 tsp honey
2 tsp rasped almonds
a dash lemon juice

Just mix everything together.


Don´t use too liquid rasped cucumber. Try to seperated it from the water

You achieve the best effect if you just lay down for a few minutes (5-10 minutes). Just relax and close your eyes, but don´t fall asleep. Additionally you may put some cucumber slices on your eyes, to cope with your swollen pouches.



Just use your middle and forefinger and press them under your eyes. First do about ten times a massage movement from the point where your nose is, then moving to the outer edges of your eyes. Repeat the massage again by using circle movements. This will reduce your swollen pouches.


Black/ Green tea

Methods against swollen eyes or face

If had a cup of black or green tea instead of throwing the teabag away you can use as an Eye – opener if you are tired. Put the teabag in your fridge and if you need it just put on your eyes for a few minutes. But after one use, you can finally throw it away.



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