5 Negative ways to deal with stress

Negative ways to deal with stress

Stress has become a part and parcel of our everyday life, and instead of trying to alleviate stress from our life we can get a better result if we try to cope with stress. This is called positive dealing with stress.

There are different ways to deal with it which are proven as great strategies to defeat this life killing disorder. Knowing some of the negative remedies of stress is an effective way to decide the plan for realistic stress control.

  • Ignoring stress

Sometime we may think that by overlooking the issue we may get some sort of relief.  But this is again a negative approach to stress management. Once you will get to identify the issues that trigger your anxiousness. You can then take your next step to fight it down.

May be you need some extra support from your friends and family members! Who knows unless you express!

  • Binge eating

Negative ways to deal with stress

The urge to binge eating is one of the passive symptoms. Check any quality health magazine: nutritionists often deal with this issue quite elaborately there. However, it is really important to control the frequency of overeating to fight the crisis.

The habit of overeating does not solve the tension rather it adds unwanted calorie counts and induces obesity.

  • Counting on alcohol and smoking relief

Negative ways to deal with stress

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We often wrongly assume that alcohol and smoking helps.  These two habits offer some sort of temporary oblivion that we consider as a bliss to fight stress. But in reality, intake of alcohol or habit of smoking spoils reflex, reduces cognitive efficiency of brain, and induces unhealthy fat and cholesterol in blood stream.

  • Indulging in slumber

Negative ways to deal with stress

Lack of sound sleep is dangerous. As a result, we start suffering from slumber. If we start indulging in slumber assuming that the rest will help us, it is again a negative approach, which may turn into a problem later.

Whenever you feel stressed, why don’t you try some physical activities like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, or aerobics? Physical strain helps to remove mental clutter and that is one of the easiest ways to fight negative effects.

  • Trying to fight alone

Stress can be dangerous and it may spoil common sense. Find out a proper support system and then if necessary ask for professional help. This will be a positive way to come out of the dungeon of stress.

Stress can be tackled but it is to be done with a healthy approach. Specialists can recommend the ways to solve the problem for you after judging your pshychology.


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