This New Year, become an all new you!

This New Year, become an all new you!

The wall on the clock strikes tick-tock, tick-tock, and the countdown slowly begins…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, combined with a loud shrill in the air” HAPPY NEW YEAR.” The preparations for welcoming the prosperous new year is on a full swing starting from cake cutting, to the background score of clamorous music followed by champagne on the glass, hugs and kisses. The party gets over, and with a tiring gesture you sit down on the couch, close your eyes and recall back the past year. As the excitement of welcoming the brand- new year heightens, so does a reinvigorating tendency to start everything in a fresh mood. A new year brings in a youthful, advanced, unspoiled promised land of sanguineness and desires. Greetings and wishes to your near and dear ones forms a conclusion with the phrase” Thanks. Hope you too have a great year ahead.” The clock with its hands of minutes, seconds and hours has done its task of completing the 365 days in all these 12 months. We as human beings were associated with the clockwork motion of the tick-tock of the hourglass. An entire year gets over with bitter sweet experiences, the calendar changes and the first sunrise of 1st January awakens us with a positive spirit for a better tomorrow. Human beings are like the blank pages of a book, where each line described within revolves around us and our surroundings. If we go on flipping the pages and find the same old narrative of the previous “I”, physically we would all have been struck within the body, soul, and ideology of the previous by gone years. Therefore, as the three cheers for the New Year Hip- hip hurray begins, let us also change our outlook and become a different person altogether. May the first chapter of our lives take us to the path of a new mindset, the middle with higher hopes and the ending as a good human being.



Human beings aren’t born perfect. Being controlled by emotions committing mistakes cannot be ignored. Therefore, if you ever think that you were at fault do not hesitate to rectify them as soon as possible. Remember witnessing one’s flaws is not a sign of guilt. Rather it is an indication that you are not stubborn enough to ignore your past mistakes. Once you are aware of your weaknesses, try to overcome it by judging minutely the root origin.  Once you give yourself a chance to rectify your mistakes, it won’t make you small in front of others. Rather you will set up an example, feel confident from within andin return appreciated by auxiliary with a heart-warming gesture.



This New Year, become an all new you!

Every person has the right to live his/her life according to his preferences. Remember Mr. Darcy of Jane Austen’s renowned novel, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE uttering the lines” My good opinion once lost is lost forever.”? This non-fictional line should be applied in our fictional lives as well. Human beings are fragile, no matter how strong they tend to appear. Friendships, partners, work space are those invisible threads of relationships where we get hurt the most. If you ever think that the fellow person has made you sick from within, let go off that person. Sometimes being too nice, and giving series of chances to that person who bothered us mentally, do not produce good results. Thus, the best remedy is to completely ignore them and lead a life which gives you peace.



Today’s 21st century is a world of competition. The rush of scoring good marks and getting admission in a reputed institution is the major concern. Remember till you stand up on your own feet, education seems futile. Our parents will not be with us forever. As their children, we need to become economically independent. Allot your timings to studies along with other recreational activities. Choose your subjects well and make a strong career graph. If anyhow the previous year disappointed you with a low career key, motivate yourself with the believe that you can too fly high. And once you opt the path of educating yourself in the right way, there will be no looking back.



One must be wondering what’s so new in it? There is no denying the fact that we do respect our parents and elders. But the thing is in today’s digitalised world, we are so engrossed with various social apps, that we hardly realize that slowly our bonding with parents and elders are slowly shrinking. We love to socialise so much, that the call of our parents or elders from the drawing room to sit with them and gossip is followed by an”Ufff.”  Hardly do we realize that they too are ageing and one mere gesture of touching their feet on various occasions doesn’t show respect. It seems a formality, an act for the sake of acting. Therefore, this new year make them feel special. Become a dutiful son and daughter and make them believe that you haven’t changed because of the increasing number of friend’s circle. Let your kind courtesies and dedication make a doorway to their hearts.



This New Year, become an all new you!

This new year change your routine of lifestyle. Try something different, which will make you different from others. Keep following the recent trends and cope up with the rush. Whether it’s a healthy diet, style or fashion keep yourself updated with the changing scenarios. The small changes that you will make will be beneficial for you in the long run. The question of what am I doing? Or what do I want to do? should be an imitation of an action. Set up your goals, and examine minutely the compromises and sacrifices. Push yourself to challenges and let the unknown be explored. Get out of your comfort zone and always remember to put up a smile on your face. This is the best way of a new outlook and building up meaningful relationships. Your lifestyle reflects your personality. Hence one needs to be nourished and nurtured in a refined way for a better living than before.



Always remember, there are certain well-wishers who really wants our happiness. They are the ones who will cater to our needs when we need them the most. Since their conscience is so pure they should be loved in every way possible. Remember ‘love’ is a strong word. This should be followed by not only” I love you”, but also,” I will protect you”, “I will respect you”,” I am committed to you”, and” I will support you.” These are the building blocks of a strong relationship because” We loved with a love that was more than love.” Your kindness should make the person lucky enough to be in your touch.



This New Year, become an all new you!

Society is a complicated place actually. Dwelling amidst people of various races and cultures enable us to learn many things. We cannot separate ourselves from societal issues. It is a fact of life. Therefore, be a good human being filled with loyalty and honesty. That is the only possible way of survival in the chaotic world. It doesn’t take much time to be a person with a golden heart. Read good books, idolize your inspiration, love nature, love animals and most importantly understand people. Greater the understanding, more the chances of solving the issues. If you are a good person inside out every single day would make you feel like you are celebrating a new year.


 Keeping aside our past and future, our only canvas is the present. Therefore, ring in the wild bells and wipe out the older you. Instead celebrate with great pomp and grandeur a new beginning of a fresh year in your life.  Bring in the change and see the metamorphosis in these 12 months of 365 days for, “HOPE SMILES FROM THE THRESHOLD OF THE YEAR TO COME, WHISPERING IT WILL BE HAPPIER.”



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