Newbie at Work – Must follow rules

When you are at a new job not only are the work conditions different but you will have to deal with a new set of people as well. It is thus natural that you will be a bit diffident and hesitant when approaching both your work and your colleagues. We can assure you that by following the tips given below you will have a smooth transition from being a newbie to an old-timer in office.

Newbie at Work – Must follow rules

  1. Be Presentable

Every office has a dress code and you should dress yourselves accordingly keeping in accordance with the dress code of your office. It is not necessary that you dress up like a plain Jane but wait before you pull out your mini dresses and low-cut jeans. Dress smartly and be presentable at all times as this can create a very favorable impression on your seniors and colleagues.

  1. Keep your desk clean

In our homes we are allowed to be as untidy as we want but this is clearly not acceptable in an office set-up. Your workstation should be kept tidy at all times as you will be sharing your workstation with other colleagues too. You must also restrict your personal things to a minimum so that they do not cause inconvenience to others.

  1. Make friends without being pushy

Everybody likes to work in a friendly environment but if you are new in the office then chances are that you will have to work alone. In your urge to make friendships remember not to force yourself on people and intrude into their space. Take your time to get acquainted with people and form your own friendships accordingly.

  1. Understand your work from the right people

As a newbie there are chances that in the beginning you will make mistakes which will be ignored but later on they are going to create a wrong impression. Therefore you need to pick the ropes of the trade pretty quickly such as your responsibilities, the person you have to report to and the person who will report to you. This will ensure that you understand your job well and follow office rules properly.

  1. Don’t Join in the Gossip

Since you are new to the office if would be very inappropriate if you join in the gossip straightaway. Your colleagues are allowed to as they have been working in the office for a long time. You should first concentrate on making friends and later on you too can contribute to the office gossip.

  1. Be sincere but don’t act as a doormat

Seniors put a lot of workload on the new trainees knowing very well that they would not protest. If you find this happening very often then put your foot down. By doing this you prevent future incidents from occurring and also help set boundaries which will be helpful to you in the long run.

There are a lot of pressures on a newbie at work. But by being confident and learning to maintain a friendly attitude towards one and all you can be assured of a successful future at your new workplace.

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