OneClique: Heels That Click And Kick


Heels That Click And Kick

Kareena Kapoor Khan once disclosed that she owns 200 pairs of shoes. Malaika Arora Khan claims to have 300. That makes me wonder how many Kim Kardashian would have in her closet.

There is no such thing as too many pairs of shoes. To house a collection of hundreds of high profile shoes, especially heels, is a cloud-number-nine dream for every fashionista. The business class girl can have anything in her shopping cart thanks to her dad’s credit cards. The middle class girl however cringes every time she fancies her dream heels but can’t get her hands on them. The price tag has always been more of a foe than a friend to her.

Therefore women who think of shoes the way Carrie Bradshaw or Sonam Kapoor do must be quite affluent or be comfortable with the idea of mix and match with their wardrobes. After all, it is considered quite mundane to wear the same jeans with the same old shirt several times. So has it ever crossed your brilliant minds to do the same with your heels? Well, it crossed the minds of Sandy Saccullo and Stefani Tsakos.

Sacullo and Tsakos teamed up to launch OneClique, an innovative venture in shoe business. Their aim was to offer shoe-separates to New York women with mix and match possibilities so they can both own a stylish footwear collection and manage a healthy bank balance.

This is how it works: you can create a unique pair by detaching the upper part of the shoe from the heel with the help of a built-in latch and attaching it to another desired heel. So with ‘one click’ of the latch your date shoes can turn into office-going pumps or an old black boot can get a shimmering glossy wedge heel. That way, you can be the proud owner of multiple pair of shoes. OneClique currently offers a voguish collection of 17 uppers and 20 heels (that would make 340 pairs!!) and prices range from $44 to $54.

When Sacullo, a mother of two, initially came up with this idea, everybody loved it, be it clients or critics. She claims to have received 95% positive feedback and is thankful for all those who helped OneClique during its launch.

“The whole idea was to create a ton and not have to spend a ton. You could own six different shoe looks but you don’t necessarily have to buy six shoes. You can buy a few pieces and mix and match the collection. Our girl is really savvy with how she wants to spend her money on her wardrobe for the season,” – is what Sacullo has to say.

Co-founder Tsakos says, “I really focus on translating trends to what real women want and what will work for their everyday lives. It’s mainly inspired by New York and how fast-paced everything is – how we change things in an instant and go from one thing to the next.”

OneClique is a friend for the fashionista with a packed social calendar. The one who would want to swap her heels every time she runs to have drinks with friends right after work and who later needs to catch up with her man for a date night.

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