Part-Time Jobs for Women – Top 7

laptop-471957_1280It is difficult having to resume work after the birth of a baby. Not only do you have to find a crèche which is reliable in its services but the long hours that you put in at work can deprive your baby of your attention. Taking up a part time job in the time you are busy tending to your baby is a great way to not only stay independent but also maintain a decent work-life balance. Here are some part time jobs you can take up.

  1. Hobby classes

Today everybody is into pursuing a hobby, be they children pursuing it as part of an extracurricular activity or adults pursuing it to follow their passion. If you are good at teaching and have sufficient knowledge about your designated topic then you can make tons of money in this profession.

  1. Tiffin services

In today’s world with both the partners working in an office, cooking takes second priority. If you are a good cook you can start a tiffin service where you provide wholesome and nutritious meals to office goers.

  1. Freelance writing

If you have an aptitude for writing and have the patience to conduct lots of research then a career as a freelance writer is apt for you. You can send your writing samples to various print and online publications and get going. Having some work experience in media and journalism is an added bonus.

  1. Playschool

Starting a playschool at home can help you earn money while at the same time allowing you to spend time with your baby. But to start a playschool you must have some degree in Montessori teaching.

  1. Makeup and beauty

Nowadays everyone aspires to look beautiful thus leading to a huge demand for beauticians. Take a course in makeup and then begin on your friends and family. Once you have attained the confidence you can take it to a professional level.

  1. Tuition classes

With the number of working women on the rise there is a demand for tuition teachers who can attend to the children of working mothers. Take tuitions from the comforts of your home and earn a decent amount of money. But you have to be prepared to sacrifice your evenings as children will go to school during daytime.

  1. Photography


Today with everybody wishing to capture their lives on camera, photography has indeed become a profitable occupation. Before starting out, we suggest you take a basic course in photography which will help you learns the ropes of the trade. Start off by doing some free photo shoots of your friends and relatives and wait for the word to spread.

Just because you have a baby and are tied down to too many responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t work at a job. Taking up a part time job not only satisfies your urge to be an independent working member of the family but most importantly, you get to give your baby the much-needed attention which he/she deserves.

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Vineeta Sinha, the owner and president of Vineeta Constructions Co. is a writer and blogger at heart. An economics graduate, the talented writer has been in the writing industry for years. When asked about how she manages the two very different professions, she says, “Construction business is what me and my husband who is a civil engineer dreamt of together and I am glad we succeeded but writing is something I have been doing years before I stepped into the construction world. I was very young when I realized that there was a hidden passion for writing in me and I unveiled it through my school magazine for the very first time and there has been no looking back since then. Though construction contributes more in running my world, writing is something that completes me.”