Pets and Small Babies – How to manage safety?

Many pets get so easily with small kids, while some pets are violent towards the small kids. For the safety of the pet as well as your kid, you must ensure that they become friends in a gradual process. Throughout the world, a lot of stories can be found where dogs have become good friends to the small kids. Dogs mingle with human beings so easily and they are caring in nature. But, if you have a pet cat or some other animal, you have to be a little careful. Small bites or scratches to your baby my cause great harm and thus precautions have to be taken. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You must observe your pet’s reaction, when it meets your small baby. If it is tolerant towards your baby from day one, you can enjoy a sigh of relief in that case. If the first meeting is good, you can plan for keeping your kid and pet together for a few hours daily.


  • To mingle with poets, your kid should learn good habits right from his childhood days. Teach him not to play with animal foods. First of all, handling animal foods is not a good thing. Secondly, when your kid is playing with foods, your pet is actually getting irritated.


  • If you have really small babies, aged below 1 year, you must consider installing pet safety gate so that your baby stays unharmed. At the tender age, it is not even recommended to go near to the pets.

When you have a small baby at home, you must maintain proper hygiene inside the house. Your pet must stay neat and clean. If hygiene has not been maintained, chances increase for air borne diseases to happen.


  • Curious babies often tend to disturb the pets and thus you should teach good manners to your kids right from the beginning. If you have pet dog, it will cope with all sorts of disturbances, but pet cats or other animals often react pretty ferociously if they are bragged continuously.


  • Do not let your kid to sleep with your pet. It is not at all good for your kid. While sleeping, keep your kid away from the pets.


  • If your pet has a free range of garden, then before leaving your kid at outdoor, always consider having meticulous fencing to keep your pets and kids separated.


  • Pet dogs and cats often suffer from parasite worms on their body. These worms can also attack human beings as well. In fact, tender skin is more vulnerable to be attacked. Thus, keep your kid at a safe distance, if your pet dog or cat is suffering from worm problems.


  • Pets, which have newly became mothers, often remain highly ferocious in nature, in order to protect their kids from any dangers. Keep your kid away from your pet in such case.

Human and animals can have amazing bonding with each other. But, like all relationships, this boding does not get generated on a single day. Let your baby mingle with pets, but maintain safety for both.

Pets and Small Babies – How to manage safety

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