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iStock_000008447690Small.jpgAfter a recent gang rape incident of a 23 years old student by six men last year, the ratio of admissions in various self-defense training institutes in India has increased all of a sudden. The assault has also put light on various types of harassments, which women of India face on a daily basis.  Indian women who are searching for a self-defense training institute should take admission in “Krav Maga India” training institute, where various types of self-defense courses are being offered. Women who get self-defense training classes in this institute will be able to defend themselves in no matter whatsoever crisis situation they find themselves in their life.

Krav Maga India training institute is located in the prime location of Saket Suburb in Delhi. Krav Maga is basically a name of self-defense training course, which people can learn in a short time. It is basically a survival system which deals with the personal safety issues and helps the learner to defend him/herself against both armed and unarmed attackers. It is also considered to be the best modern street fighting training course designed to be used against sexual assaults, muggings and street snatching.

There are also some similarities of Krav Maga with martial arts, which is basically a good thing for the learners. Krav Maga came into existence in an atmosphere where Israeli military could give much time to their soldiers for hand to hand combat training. Consequently, this unique self-defense course was created, which helped the students to enhance their skills of protecting themselves in a short span of time. In this self-defense training course, there are no rules and it allows you to go to any extent to protect yourself in the time of danger.

Features of Krav Maga

Below are the main features of this amazing self-defense course:

  • In this course you will be able to learn no holds barred fighting moves in a lifelike environment
  • It helps the student to learn it quickly and adapt it easily
  • Students will be able to improve their natural human reflexes
  • It enhances the defending skills of a student in a short span of time
  •  Students will be able to defend themselves during stress and sudden shock
  • It is the best self-defense course, which helps you to defend yourself in an unpredictable environment such as streets and alleys.

There are many branches of Krav Maga training institutes in various cities of India. People who like to get basic information about this training institute can also check on their official website, where there is detailed information about various self-defense courses and the location of institutes across India. Women of India are getting more attracted towards these types of self-defense training institutes as compared to men, which could help them to protect themselves in the harsh and insecure environment of India today. I am sure by reading this, you will be able to select this best self-defense training course, which could indeed help you to defend yourself from both armed and unarmed attackers in the time of crisis.

by Nousheen 

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