Quick and popular indian breakfast !

Indian breakfast

Breakfast! The most important meal as the saying goes, but do you abide to it? Without it, we feel tired and lack energy. Without breakfast we cannot even concentrate at work or at school. Not many people take the time to sit down with their families to have breakfast as we all rush in the morning.

In this article we will talk about the five most popular breakfasts in the Indian society. Those breakfasts are quick to prepare and typical from each part in India. Each states of India brings us a different culture, and through culture some different food.

Poha and Upma

The two main dishes eaten as breakfast in Maharashtra! Poha and upma are two quick dishes which are mostly prepared in every Maharastrain family for breakfast. Poha is prepared with flattened or beaten rice. You can vary your poha by adding onions, boiled peas or carrots. Upma is another quick and popular Indian breakfast made from dry roasted semolina or you may also use coarse rice flour. You can vary your upma, by adding almond milk to make it healthier or vegetables.

Dosa and Idli

The Southern Indian breakfast! Whenever you visit the south, make sure you have a spicy and delicious dosa and idly. Dosa is made from soaked urad dal and rice. You may prepare the batter and let it for overnight. Dosa is usually accompanied with various chutneys such as tomato or coconut. It also goes well with mango pickle. Idly is another rice based dish. It goes well with coconut chutney and spicy sambar.


Parathas are mostly served in the northern part of India. The parathas may vary, like use aloo (potato) or cauliflower or paneer (cottage cheese). Again parathas can be eaten with pickles and dahi (curd). Parathas can also be consumed for lunch or dinner.

At the end, have a nice chai (tea) or a filter coffee. With a full stomach, you will have an amazing and energetic day !

Niharika Essoo


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