5 Reasons why people opt for minimalistic weddings these days!

As it is popularly said that save the best for the last and most people equal that  to saving the best for their wedding event. Everybody wants to get married and everybody wants to get married in the in a trendy and lavish fashion. Big fat weddings are a trend and the extravaganza of the event is what people take pride in. Undeniably, wedding is the most special event in a person’s life and nobody wants it to be minimalistic. But some people are setting new trends and opting for minimalistic weddings these days. It is a good question to ask whether all the wealth accumulated over years and years of hard work when spent on a day is worth?

5 Reasons why people opt for minimalistic weddings these days!

Why are people opting for minimal style wedding?


It is not about staging a huge production

Wedding is all about two beautiful people and their love and feelings for each other. It is a celebration of devotion of two souls for immense care and protection for each other. It is not about impressing the relatives and guests with flamboyant  decorations, multi-layered cakes or designer gowns and suits. Whereas it is about the trust and affection two people are committing to share for the rest of their lives.


 A very few people genuinely care

5 Reasons why people opt for minimalistic weddings these days!

You go to a big fat wedding and discuss about the variety of cuisines, exquisitely decorated flowers, expensive lighting and all other arrangements. But do you come back and discuss the relationship of the two who are getting married? No. Since all the glitz and glamour catches the attention of people, the relationship gets ignored. People forget to take your relationship seriously and nobody actually sees the commitment and love.


 It is about showing what you truly value

5 Reasons why people opt for minimalistic weddings these days!

Minimalistic wedding helps the couple get rid of the superficial things. Instead, of copying stuff, they can concentrate on things they value. For example, getting married in the presence of god. A simple wedding with no thousand dollar gown in a local church can be more graceful than being in amidst unessential things and not having a feeling of alliance.


Because there are no set rules

5 Reasons why people opt for minimalistic weddings these days!

There are no set rules for how a marriage should be like. Nobody said that you should travel to Vegas and have a beach side wedding with over 400 guests. It is your marriage and not a performance and hence, you do not have to ponder on things that will only last a day and be visually appealing for some. It is about ceasing the day-the marriage and feeling blessed and happy. Your definition of being happy can may be a basic wedding with your partner, an official and some witnesses.


It is a smart financial decision

Above everything, it is a wise decision and you can unload the financial tension. It is always smart to quit the mad rush and be yourself and opt for a wedding that doesn’t drain your savings. Your financial security has to be ensured if you want to live happily as a couple as marriage incorporates a lot of responsibilities. Hence, minimalistic weddings are thoughtful and sensible.


Minimalistic weddings are all about simple glamour and natural retreating beauty of the love shared between the couple. Having a look  at the present scenario, I feel minimalistic weddings are the new trend!


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