Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

All of us long for a ‘Mr. or Ms Right’ to fall into a relationship. While we are on a hunt for our perfect match, we first set a list of traits that are must haves. For example, traits like good-looking, charming, caring, honest, etc. On the other hand, we also frame our mindsets for the undesirable traits that we do not wish them to possess.

Often after two or three dates when we are aware of their personas and how they are in their everyday surroundings, we decide whether the guy or the girl is a deal on or a straight No! This decision depends on particular factors which are different in the case of a man and a woman. A man will assess his partner’s personality, unlike a woman.

Here, we list down the top reasons that kill a relationship.

Things that a man dislikes in a woman

  • Low Self-Confidence

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

A lady with exuberant self-confidence is like a dream for most men. They love when women understand their self-worth and acknowledge it. They do not want to be next to someone who needs to be comforted with attention every now so that they abandon their insecurities for a while.  Low self-confidence is considered as highly undesirable by men. So ladies, collars and chin up, always!

  • Poor Sex-Drive

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

Men love sex. In fact, studies have said that they think about sex on an average 18 times a day. If their partners are not active in bed and passively wait for him to do the entire task, then it is a complete turn off for men. Men want that their partners should participate equally in sex and should have an impressive sex drive. A high sex drive always turns them on.

Ladies, always remember that a man wants to be touched the same way like he touches you. So pour on the love!

  • Too Talkative

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

It’s only in movies when a girl speaks non-stop for hours and hours that a guy feels it’s the most adorable thing. In reality, men get irritated. Women have a tendency to storm whatever they feel out in the world and hence, they talk a lot. Initially, they might adjust, but if a woman is too chatty, they feel like dropping the connections. Women who demand the guy to be conversational with her for hours on the phone calls are a complete no for them.

So ladies, fewer talks – more love!


  • Lazy & Not Athletic

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

Men like women who are into fitness and take health as a priority. If the woman is lethargic and is not sporty at all, then men become less interested. Women’s indulgence in physical activities and sports always attracts men towards them.

Time to get an exercise high ladies!


 Things that women detest in a man

  • Unhygienic

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

Just as women keep the house crystal clean, they maintain their bodies too. If the guy does not maintain proper hygiene, women not just dislike it but also tend to feel offended. Unhygienic men are a complete NO NO for women. Things like a bad odour, dirty collars, dandruff and rusty hair tend to piss off women.

So guys, ditch the deodorants and take bath daily!

  • A poor sense of humour

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

If the man is equipped with a good sense of humour, the woman will nod a yes without looking for anything else. Women adore a good sense of humour and men who can make them laugh. For most a woman, a man’s wit and comic sense is as impressive as Ryan Gosling’s good looks.

So from next time, watch your comic timings guys!

  • Bad at Sex

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

Women get annoyed if the guy is not good in bed. Women expect men to be well-furnished with this trait as sex is like a man’s favourite desert. Bad sex is an absolute deal breaker for women. Women love passion, and if the sex is not good enough, she will wave you off soon or probably lookout for somebody else to quench her wants.

So never go qualitatively unarmed in bed with her!

  • Quietness

Relationship deal breakers you need to take note of!

Just like men dislike talkativeness, women dislike men who always stay quiet. They appreciate if they are good listeners, but also want the man to talk to them and share his things. If a man is always in the silent mode, keeping up his brooded man image then, a woman finds it difficult to connect with him.

Guys! It’s time to realise that talking is not girly.

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