Sabarimala menstrual scanning machine


Sabarimala is a renowned Hindu pilgrimage in the Western ghat ranges, Kerala at the Periyar tiger reserve. The pilgrimage center is quite famous all over India and has recently gained attention for the statement made by it’s chief priest.

Devaswom chief of Sabarimala, quoted, ” I shall think of letting women in the temple, only when purity machines are invented”. By purity machines, he meant machines or devices that can scan and check women for wether they are presently pure(not menstruating) to enter the temple premises or not. He asserted ” Women should come to the temple, only when it’s right(not menstruating ) to do so.” His statement has surely hurt the sentiments of modern women who do not believe in the concept of menstruation being an impurity.

Following his controversial statement, outraged women from all over the country have launched a protest campaign. The campaign “Happy to bleed” is trending over Facebook and is receiving support from other feminist and equal rights groups. ‘Smash Patriarchy’, also has extended support to women through this campaign. According to the active members of this campaign, this statement is demeaning and strengthens the false beliefs that revolve around women. This campaign calls out for women to post their pictures with placards saying “Happy to bleed”.

A young lady, Nikita Azad also has addressed the issue to the Devaswom new found chief, Prayar Gopalkrishnan through an open letter which speaks about the agony of women in this patriarchial society.

It is saddening, how ill faith and myths prevalent since ages are still curbing our society’s development. There is no scientifically proven reason for women being not eligible to visit temples during periods. It is shocking to know that not only men but a lot of women also consider menstruating women, a misfit for worshiping god. They hoard up their thoughts in lieu of their religious beliefs.

Meanwhile, the issue is surging up in twitter also. You can put in your support by #Happytobleed.


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