Sesame oil – Top 10 benefits

Stop! Think for a moment how mother has bestowed the earth with such amazing benefits in a tiny seed like sesame. The seeds extracted from the sesame flower are not only edible but is great for the hair and the oil that is hauled out from the seeds is a great source of nourishment that you can give your hair. Sesame oil is stacked with essential hair growth ingredients like vitamin-E B complex, different minerals and other nourishing agents which stimulates the hair growth.

Sesame oil – Top 10 benefits

Here are some essential benefits of sesame oil for hair:

1. Encourages hair growth:

The powerful oozing capacity of the sesame oil helps in enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp. It further stimulates hair growth and even repairs damaged hair.

2. Averts pre-mature greying:

So you are worried about the grey shades that have started to show up in your hair! Don’t worry, massage your hair regularly with sesame oil and see the return of the darker shade.

3. Gets rid of Lice:

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients in the sesame oil kills the development of lice. Massage your hair with sesame oil and wash it off with a shampoo.


4. Shields from the UV rays:

The harsh sun rays can destroy the texture of your hair. Applying sesame oil not only prevents the hair from the exposed sun rays but also helps in getting a protective coat from the pollution.

5. Rejuvenates hair:

Sesame oil is stuffed with growth ingredients that helps in revitalizing the hair giving it a smooth and silky glow. The secreting capacity of the sesame oil contains the moisture in the hair, leaving it damage free.

6. Treats dandruff:

If you have a grave dandruff problem and want to avoid chemical products then sesame oil is best dandruff treatment for you. Massage your scalp with sesame oil overnight and rinse it next morning.

7. Gives a beautiful shine:

Sesame oil has deep conditioning agent induced in it. Apply it overnight and shampoo the same next morning and see the amazing shine it leaves behind.

8. Cures hair dryness:

Sesame oil works great for dry hair. Apply sesame oil mixed with root juice and lemon juice on your hair, cover it with hot towel, leave it for an hour and wash it off. Repeat the process for a month and experience the startling difference.

9. Soothes your hair from stress:

The daily work pressure leaves its effect on the hair too. The cooling essentials in the sesame oil helps in sedating the scalp, thereafter leaving it stress free. A regular sesame oil massage can soothe the head and provide you with abundance of relief.

10. Prevents hair fall:

Yes, sesame oil prevents hair loss. The revitalizing quality in the sesame oil penetrates into the scalp accelerating the blood circulation which attends to new hair growth.

The kitchen cabins are packed with nature’s abundance and one such wonder is sesame oil. It gives an overall protection the hair needs and comes cheap, then those chemical infused products. If you want something natural for your hair then sesame oil is definitely for you.

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