Shakira: Why she is So Famous in India

Shakira is an icon in the world of music. She has changed the world with her sweet voice and sexy looks.

This celebrity started her career as a Spanish singer and later on, she was recognized internationally. There are a number of reasons why she is popular in the world, especially in India.

She worked very hard and was able to get in a position where she is standing presently. The singer was born in late 1970s in Colombia. She later migrated to United States at the age of 17.Her early days were quite tough and challenging as she did not know English. She became popular when she sang for the competition called Don Francisco. There she met record producer and released an album for America named as Laundry Service. About of 13 million copies were sold and soon after she released one of the two albums known as Oral Fixation vol 1. The album was released in June 2005 and almost 157,000 copies were sold in the first week. The album was ranked at number four on the US album sales. After a month she made a video named La Tortura, which was, her first Spanish song featured on VH1 and MTV. After that, she released second volume of her CD known as Fixation Vol2. The point is that her efforts paid off and she has gained due fame.

Shakira is not only a hardworking lady but also takes time out for others. She is popular in India, as she not only inspires Indian women to achieve dreamed success but also because she is a philanthropist. She founded the Pies Descalzos foundation and donated $100,000. It is a foundation for Colombian kids and she visits them off and on. The foundation helps kids to start a new life by giving them education and homes to live in. She also encourages the kids to not to give up at any stage of life and always help others. She is a very caring lady and gives time to her family. In other words, she values her family very much. She also bought a home in Colombia in which her boyfriend and parents live happily. If everyone was as helpful and kind as Shakira, the world would be definitely be a peaceful place to live in.

The most important trait that everyone likes about her is that she is a great star. She is not only beautiful and a good singer, but also a great human. Her dancing skills, reputation and voice are just remarkable and very hard to note down in a few words. The most admiring trait of Shakira is that she is a hardworking and caring person. This is the reason why she is a star and is loved by people all over the world.

She is ideal for Indian women because of her kind nature, hardworking attitude and love for the poor people. This is why she has more than 4 million likes on Facebook. She has made women realize that everything is possible with hard work, determination and positive attitude towards life and people. With all of the above she inspires women with her feminine charm and style.


by Nousheen

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