Shani Shrine- One More Step Towards Bridging The Gender Gap


Shani Shingnapur temple in Maharashtra, that disallows women from entering the inner sanctorum of the shrine, welcomed women on Friday. Call it a baby step toward bridging gender discrimination, women will soon break all barriers and  stand next to men, equal in all respects.

The temple had finally granted women passage in the temple. Soon after the decision was made public, many women activists visited the temple and offered prayers. The Shani shrine had been a subject of debate and controversy for many years. Women activists had even tried to break laws and enter the temple illegally on Republic Day, a day marking freedom and equality. Unfortunately, they were hurled out of the temple as rules prohibited them from worshiping in the shrine.

But Friday was a day of celebration. However, to retain tradition, the temple trust extended its ban to men, and refused to allow women from entering it.  Whatever it is, women will fight until equality crowns them. They will not give up until they bravely take all the possible steps to end their struggle.