Slumdog Millionaire Cast – Where are they now?

Slumdog Millionaire Cast – Where are they now

“Slumdog Millionaire”, the award-winning British film from 2008, was unique in both its storyline, adapted from a novel named “Q & A” by Indian author Vikas Swarip, and its vibrant cast. The story follows Jamal Malik, a young man who grew up in India’s slums, through his life experiences, which culminated in him winning the Indian version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. Now, almost seven years after the film’s release, we catch up with the film’s unique cast to see where they are now.


Dev PatelDav Patel, a British actor who played protagonist Jamal Malik, was a mere 18 years old when he made his debut in the film. Today, he remains active in the acting sphere, playing as Neal Sampat in HBO’s 2012 TV series “The Newsroom”, and in drama film “About Cherry”, which made its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012. In his private life, he recently split from long-time girlfriend Freida Pinto in December last year. In fact, the couple had first met on the set on “Slumdog Millionaire” and started dating a year after that.

Frieda Pinto, who co-starred alongside Patel in the film as Latika, is best known in recent years for her role in Bruno Mars’ single “Gorilla” in 2013. The 30 year old model shared intimate scenes with Mars in the video, inciting criticism from the Indian media. Further censure came as she was accused to have turned her back on India, though Pinto has stated that she is hoping for a chance to act in Bollywood in the near future. Pinto is also well known for her numerous philanthropic acts, most recently when she attended the Girl Summit in London to speak for women’s rights.

Saurabh Shukla portrayed Sergeant Srinivas in the film, and has remained active both as an actor and as a writer/director for various films. Most recently in 2014, he was awarded Best Actor for both the Screen Awards and National Film Awards for his supporting role in film “Jolly LLB”, a Bollywood comedy drama film inspired by real-life court cases in India.

Anil Kapoor, who played Prem, has continued his career in both acting and producing films for Bollywood and the global stage, most notably as Brij Nath in 2011’s “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, and as protagonist Jai Singh Rathod in the Indian version of American drama “24”.

Rajendranath Zutshi, who played Director Raj Zutshi in the film, has participated as cast in a wide variety of Bollywood movies and shows since 2008. Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar, and Rubina Ali, who played young Salim, Jamal and Latika respectively, have all continued acting in various acting roles as they grew up. Khedekar has been active in the past two years with prominent roles in films “Ek Tha Hero” and “Gandhi of the Month”, while Ali has also put out a documentary short “La alfombra roja” starring herself in 2013.

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