Start your catering service – 6 best tips

food-680180_1280Catering is not only about providing great food. To be successful in the catering industry you need to know the art of marketing and promoting it well. If you have already made a success of yourself in the kitchen, now is the time to get hold of other skills that will put you at the top of your profession.

Highlight your USP

In order to succeed in the catering business you have to stand out from the crowd. And for that you have to build and highlight your own USP which would separate you from the other caterers in the market. Focus on a certain factor which will make your services stand out and will make guests come back to you time and again.

Recruit a Team

Catering requires joint effort and for that you need to hire a dedicated team of workers who each in their own way contribute towards making your catering business a success. There should be chefs to look after the cooking and at least 3-4 people to assist you in your daily chores. Also hire a few people to help in marketing and promoting your business.


Get Connected to Food Suppliers

When you run a kitchen you need to have regular supplies of fresh fruits and veggies. It is practically not possible every day to travel to the vegetable market to collect veggies. It is advisable that you tie up with a reliable food supplier who delivers fresh supplies to your kitchen every day. Not only will it help you to save time but tying up with a supplier will help you in striking a better bargain to your advantage.

Maintain hygiene

Since you are dealing in the food business it is very essential that you and your staff maintain high standards of hygiene. This will make a very good impression on prospective clients and will ensure repeat orders.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth does a lot in highlighting one’s business. Today you can take advantage of social media to bring the attention of a large number of audiences towards your business. Tie up with event management companies, wedding planners and the like to help draw more customers. You can also reach out to food bloggers and ask them to give an honest opinion about your food and service.

Never Say No

If you have agreed to a food order please make sure that you meet all your client requirements. If you feel you are not capable of doing a particular piece of work then inform your client beforehand about your inabilities to complete the work. Agreeing to a work and then not delivering on it amounts to negative publicity which is not good for your business.

Now that the wedding season is on in full swing make sure you take full advantage of it and set the cash registers ringing. If you follow the above mentioned tips you will see even greater success with your business.

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