How To Stop Caring For Someone Who Meant The World To You!

The hardest thing anyone has to go through is the feeling of not being enough, the feeling of not being loved by someone whom you love the most. Not only does it hurt you the most, it literally reduces you to an emotional mess where you start to second guess yourself.

 How To Stop Caring For Someone Who Meant The World To You!

When you find someone who has suddenly turned your whole upside down you think so highly of them and even little things about them matter the most to you. But when the same person decides that you are not the ‘it’ for them that is where your world breaks down. You might feel as if you can’t leave without them and it becomes hard but trust me, eventually, it will go away. Not at all easy, I know, but if you put your best foot forward I don’t see why it won’t happen.


Ways To Stop Caring For Someone Who Means The World To You

You wonder how things went downhill when everything seemed so perfect to you, but maybe things were perfect only for you. Maybe your partner didn’t share the same perception. But now there’s nothing left and it’s about time you learn how to stop caring for him/her. Maybe these tips might help you in doing just that.


Acknowledge And Accept

You really can’t force someone to love you. That’s the absolute truth. You can’t control what others feel, I mean for god sake you can’t control your own feelings so you get it what I’m saying. Accept that he/she doesn’t really love you and are not with you anymore. Accepting things that are happening might finally give you a much-needed closure about life and you can start fresh finally.


Lean On Your Friends For Support

You might not know but even your friends might have been through the same thing. You can definitely lean on them when you feel like venting out your thought and feelings. You never know, they might give you some thoughtful and helpful advice. Don’t shut the world out and especially don’t shut your friends out. You have already lost someone who meant the most to you, you don’t want to push away your friends out.


Be Realistic And Analyze Your Relationship

 How To Stop Caring For Someone Who Meant The World To You!

You loved him/her with the whole of your heart but were your feelings reciprocated? Or were you too blindly in love to notice the signs? Go through your relationship again, analyze where things actually went wrong. Think about why and when he/she stopped caring for you. Were you really great together? If you were why would he/she leave? Something to ponder about, isn’t it?


Think About Their Flaws

When we love someone we avoid all the flaws and just look at the great things about them. Our opinion about them is biased. But can anyone be without flaws? Of course not. Everyone has flaws. So if you really want to learn how to stop caring for that person you have to start seeing all the flaws. Looking at all the flaws makes you realize that the person was not really that great after all.


Delete Everything From Social Media

You might have blocked them everywhere on social media and thought this is it. But no you still have one more thing to do- Delete the past from your own profile. Delete any pictures you have of them. Delete all the status that you uploaded regarding them. You do not need all the memories popping up on your wall. Clear it all out for good because you can’t have their face popping up all the time when you are trying to forget about them.


Get Rid Of Their Number

 How To Stop Caring For Someone Who Meant The World To You!

By this, I mean not only from your phone contact list but also from your memory. This is really necessary because you do know how the urge to just click on the call button is hard to resist. One way to not miss them is to delete their number once and forever. Delete all the numbers from their landline to their office number. Everything that relates to them has to be cleared. No messages, no numbers and no photos.


Put Away The Gifts They Gave You

Well, you see you can’t just really throw the gifts on their face. Most probably because you are addicted to it or they are valuable or maybe because of the mere fact that it was given by them. These things will probably weaken your resolve to forget them so regardless of what the gift is dump it or lock it away in your storage.


Feeling Sad Sometimes Is Not Bad

Sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from feeling sad about how well it could have been. It is just your way of letting it go. It is a process. It is okay to miss that person because he/she was a big part of your life once. It might not be the same anymore and that might make you feel sad which is not a bad thing.


You Deserve To Be Happy

 How To Stop Caring For Someone Who Meant The World To You!

Remember this whenever you miss the person. He/she was not happy with you and so he left. But that doesn’t mean he/she took away your happiness as well you know. You have to know that you deserve to be happy too. Move on from that person who thought their happiness isn’t in you and find someone who sees that happiness in you. And exactly for that, you need to forget the past.


Be Open For New People And Opportunities

You know what; you should probably join those amazing dating apps. They definitely have so many new people. You can forget someone by moving on from them and opening yourself to new doors in the life. You might meet that someone special if you are attentive and they do not have to be rebound. Go for it and you’ll see the light.


Start Distracting Yourself And Indulge In New Hobbies

You need to master the art of getting distracted because you need to get rid of the thoughts and memories that creep up in your mind. You shouldn’t give your mind free space to wonder. Keep it busy, indulge in new hobbies or join the clubs or classes that you always wanted to join but never had time to. You might find so many new opportunities there that you will be happy to see that your life has taken a good turn.

Learn to bypass their thoughts that come to your mind. Politely ignore the conversation in which they are brought up. Redirecting your thoughts away from them is the best way to make your heart learn that they are not there in your life anymore.



Be patient should be your mantra. You can’t forget someone overnight. It is going to be harder than you think but a girl’s got to do what she got to do, right? Take time and effort for yourself instead of putting it on someone who broke your heart and doesn’t care for you.

Now, the question is can you really forget someone totally? Probably not. But you definitely can live without them and live with their memories in your heart. You can be happy with someone else as well. It is all a matter of time and your effort. You can definitely reduce your feelings for someone.