Surprising health benefits of oiling your hair

Remember while growing up how many times you tried to run away from your mom when she used to grab you to oil your hair followed by a tight braid afterwards. Yes, we all hated it for sure but did you know how many benefits this weekly ritual carried? As grownups, we hardly get time to regularly massage our scalp using hair oils. But after reading all the advantages of oiling your hair regularly, you will surely think, ‘Mother always knew best’ and you will go ahead and ask your mom to do it again!

Let’s take a look at astonishing health benefits of oiling hair regularly:

Ensures healthy scalp:

Clogging of pores on your scalp can sometimes lead to serious issues if they get contaminated with fungi or bacteria. These bacteria offer suitable conditions for the growth of hair lice and dandruff. This leads to drastic hair loss. Furthermore, your scalp might start getting tender and red spots will start appearing on your scalp. Even though bacteria are present on your scalp all the time but irritation or redness means the harmful bacteria is replaced by scalp-friendly bacteria. Regular oiling with honey is the finest anti-bacterial treatment and helps the scalp in staying healthy and hydrated.

Relaxes your mind:

Massaging your scalp using lukewarm oil helps in getting rid of hair loss. Furthermore, it increases blood supply to the scalp. This relaxes nerves of your brain. Increased blood supply to the brain means the better performance of your brain. For those, who suffer from sleeping issues, this remedy also helps in ensuring good night’s sleep. Scalp massaging ensures your stress level is reduced and your mind is relaxed after a tiring day of work. High-stress level is also one of the major reasons for hair loss. Even eyesight can start to improve with regular massage

Reduces frizziness:

No one likes dull and lifeless hair that appear like ugly thorny bushes. Going for chemical treatment is going to do more harm than good and therefore, oiling hair is the best way to bring back life to your hair that has been damaged due to excessive straightening and dying your hair. Oiling helps to increase tensile strength reducing frizziness and preventing breakage. Furthermore, when you oil your hair before shampoo, it helps in reducing hair breakage


Forms a protective layer over scalp:

Oiling after you shampoo your hair helps in forming a protective layer over your hair. This protective layer helps in preventing your hair from the damage that is done to your hair when you blow-dry your hair. So, oiling before you blow-dry your hair helps in ensuring that your hair stays safe from being brittle and fragile. Furthermore, oiling your hair before you shampoo helps in significantly reducing hair damage according to diverse studies.

Hair growth

Hair is made from protein so it requires vitamins to grow properly. Massaging your hair twice a week will repair your hair from all the chemical treatment and strengthen the roots. Your hair will grow quicker and thicker. We advise you to use some natural coconut water.

So, you can also bring back your shiny and healthy hair by simply starting with regular oiling that is going to take merely seven to ten minutes of your day. So, go out and fearlessly flaunt your beautiful, long and thick hair.