6 Surprising places where you can get a botox

6 Surprising places where you can get a botox


Botox is an off-label cosmetic treatment that has gained an enormous fame over the years for treating certain muscular conditions by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. Mainly, Botox treatments are used to remove wrinkles and frown lines between the eyebrows. Interestingly, there are other areas too where you can affect Botox treatments for the best of your benefits.

  • Armpits

We all are a victim of baseline sweating and when it happens while we are suited up in the best of our attire, it makes us cranky. Sweating at wrong place-wrong time is really annoying but since the environmental weather conditions dominate us, we ‘were’ helpless.  Not anymore! Medical science has advanced and now you can get rid of the excessive perspiring under your armpits through Botox.  The Botox treatment you undertake for baseline sweating will last between 3-5 months.

  • Hands and feet

6 Surprising places where you can get a botox

Some people experience excessive sweating not just under armpits but also in their hands and feet.  Now, Botox treatments can help you get rid of that too.  Though, this particular one will be heavy on your pockets but definitely gives you the desired results. In this Botox treatment, a person’s fingertips, soles and palms are worked upon by an injection injected that discourages the sweat glands from stimulating chemical signals.

  • Stomach

6 Surprising places where you can get a botox

It is no news that the weight-loss industry is getting bigger day by day. People are crazy about looking a certain way, especially, to don the flat stomach mania.  Today, people across the world use Botox treatments for weight loss as it is propagated in the industry via various means. Doctors do not really recommend this because they say that injections in stomach are not safe and also, because this one is a really complex one. Stomach injections require sedation and the insertion of an
endoscope in the mouth, down the esophagus and into the stomach.

  • Buttocks

Some people firmly believe that Botox is an urban myth. This myth is backgrounder for the statement that ‘Botox is not for backside’. Well! If you were to say that Botox helps you enlarge or shape your butt, then I certainly will disagree. Botox for buttocks is a wonder treatment for women who sweat a lot on their backside and keenly want to get rid of it.  Botox for buttocks is also not applicable is you wish to get rid of cellulites as cellulite is not related to muscle activity

  • Scalp

Scalp Botox is gradually gaining immense attention for its extremely satisfying result for people wanting to get rid of excess moisture accumulation on their head. This treatment is undertaken with the requirement of 150-200 injections if you wish to cover the whole scalp, if not, then relatively less injections will be injected on you.

  • Neck

6 Surprising places where you can get a botox

A high-priced Botox healing that can stiffen and smooth wrinkles and lines and is suggested by experts before getting a neck lift or skin banding surgical procedure.  It is very important that only certified surgeons undertake this treatment as it required high professional skill and ability to perform a neck Botox.

Botox injections are the best known of a group of medications that are used to temporarily paralyze muscle activity. Above mentioned are the six places you can get Botox if you face similar problems in these areas.



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