Tired of all the mundane life and boring work? Want to add spice to and fun to that monotonous routine? What is better than POLKA DOTS? Be it your shoes, your bag or your boring work shirt- you can be the office fashion star with polka dots!

When you hear the world polka dots I bet you imagine black dots on a white back drop on garments worn by the 70’s Hollywood divas! But there is a lot more to this awesome pattern that you can incorporate it in just anything you want! You can get polka dots in all the colours of the spectrum and beyond in the combinations you like. You can adjust the size of the dots based on your physique, the occasion and situation where you will wear it and of course your   and situation where you will wear it and of course your liking.

Initially polka dots was a dance form and one can guess the pattern got its name because of the similarity between the dance moves and the pattern. Since then name polka dots is associated with Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera. Even today the traditional flamenco dancers use polka dots dresses in Spain.

Bored of the same old pencil skirts and formal shirts? Pair a black shirt with white polka dots with a white trouser and a white jacket and black stilettos and there you have the stylish, elegant, formal, immaculate and smart look! Can’t find anything for a party with your girlfriends, ladies? Don’t worry! Simply go for a short polka dot dress like the one Kate Middleton wore to the WB studios. No wonder you will be the cutest and best dressed chick! Or you could wear a plain no-design outfit and spice it up with matching polka dots shoes and a polka dot sling bag! And here is the best part- you can have polka dots in almost any season and on any type of dress. Sunbathing on the beach in the scorching heat? Wear a polka dot swim suit and you will stand out in the crowd! Don’t want to ruin your pretty dresses in the rains? You can flaunt around a polka dot umbrella. And obviously you can wear polka dot garments all-round the year.

Men don’t worry – this trends works for you as much as it does for the girls. Wear a plain shirt with a polka dot tie and you will have something fun than the same old boring stripes and checks. Bob Dylan wore a shirt with polka dots shirt for cover of one of his albums!

And did you know Randy Rhoads had a polka dots guitar?

Now coming to the kids what is a better way to decorate the room than with polka dots? Paint all the walls in your favourite colour and then decorate one with single or multi-coloured coloured polka dots! For example you could have the walls of the room in a light shade of blue like sky blue and paint polka dots in cobalt of Prussian blue on one of the walls. Even as you grow old it will add a spunk to your room. So the next time you paint the house or buy a new one make sure to add the polka dots to it! And you can match your room and your outfits- just wear one of those adorable polka dot frocks or shirts that you get almost anywhere.

Even the nature is not far behind with this dress. All of us grew up seeing 101 Dalmatians didn’t we? And what do the Dalmatians have on them? Polka dots!

There you have it people! The reasons why you should go for polka dots the next time you go shopping.

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Vineeta Sinha, the owner and president of Vineeta Constructions Co. is a writer and blogger at heart. An economics graduate, the talented writer has been in the writing industry for years. When asked about how she manages the two very different professions, she says, “Construction business is what me and my husband who is a civil engineer dreamt of together and I am glad we succeeded but writing is something I have been doing years before I stepped into the construction world. I was very young when I realized that there was a hidden passion for writing in me and I unveiled it through my school magazine for the very first time and there has been no looking back since then. Though construction contributes more in running my world, writing is something that completes me.”