The mysterious temple of Vrindavan


Kusuma_Sarovar_Ghat This holy place of pilgrimage is popular for the Raas-Leela of Krishna and Radha.

There are over five thousand temples in Vrindavan, but the one that has become a major source of attraction is none other than the famous and mysterious ‘Nidhivan.’ this temple has many oddities, absurdities, strangeness and secrets. What’s more, the place is visited by Lord Krishna and Radha even today!! After midnight, when the hour is none, Radha and Krishna enter the temple of Rang Mahal and perform Raas-leela (or Rasa dance which is a part of the traditional story of Krishna described in Hindu scriptures such as the Bhagavata Purana and literature such as the Gita Govinda, where he dances with Radha and her sakhis). The temple is surrounded by tall walls from all the four sides and the only way to enter the temple is through its single main door. People are not allowed to visit the temple at night. The doors are bolted and secured with a huge lock. Whoever tried to break in the temple or lived there during the night time did not see the light of the day or with had come out with an impaired sense. (such as blind, dumb and deaf.) Residents living in the locality have heard the voices of ‘ghungroo’ a lot many times.

The question is, does Radha and Krishna really visit the temple or is it another hoax? Yet another astonishing fact is that all the tress of Nidhi Van are rich with green leaves all the year round. How can such a thing be possible when the trees are never fed with water or any kind of fertilizers? None of the trees in the region where Lord Krishna and his gopiyaan performed Raas-Leela have a straight trunk. They are twisted and turned in different positions. When viewed as a whole, the trees appear to be women. It is believed that each of the tree in Nidhi Van symbolizes a gopi. When night dawns, the trees come alive in the form of Gopis and take back their place when the sun is up. Lord Krishna had 16,000 queens and its shocking to know that there are 16,000 trees in Nidhi Van.

The nearest airport from Vrindavan is in Agra. Indians as well as tourists visit this holy place throughout the year. After eight p.m., the doors to the temple are closed. This is because whoever was fortunate to see the dance of Radha and Krishna has either turned, blind, deaf or dumb. Some have unfortunately met death.

Every day, the bed in Rang Mahal is decorated for Radha and Krishna with makeup, ornaments, saree, sweets etc. It is a high held belief that the duo rest on this bed after their Raas-Leela. This is because the things with which the bed is decorated are not in their original position when the doors of the temple are unlocked in the morning. Everything is a mess.

With so many mind blowing things happening in this temple, it has undoubtedly become a special place for pilgrims all over the world!

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