Tips for a good mental health


Stress. Depression. Trouble. Hair fall. Tension. Tiredness. Frustration. Mood swings. These are all signs of bad mental health. Oftentimes our mind creates troubles for us that in reality do not exist. Anxiety and bad mood can be a symptom of a bad mental health. A bad mood can lead to serious problems that must always be kept in check. Feelings of depression and thoughts such as ‘It’s my fault’, ‘I’m not worth anything’, sudden mood swings, emotional outburst, too much drinking, lack of activeness, zero participation in social events etc. are symptoms of psychological disorder or mental illness. We all are at times grumpy and stressed but drastic and dramatic changes in a person suggest that he/she needs urgent help. We give you some useful tips which you can apply in your everyday life and it will nourish your mental health!

  • Open up – talking about your well-being to someone makes you feel less lonely. You have someone to share your problems with and it is like transferring some of the burden of your shoulders onto somebody else’s. Feeling listened helps you to feel supported and to carry on.
  • Build relationships – invest your time into something precious like your family and friends. Having people around you and for you will make your life much more meaningful. Besides, social gatherings can be fun and you can have a really good time.
  • Learn to give – Studies have found that spending time with your loved ones gives you more happiness than spending it on yourself. Helping your neighbour to clean his garden or helping an old man crossing the road will increase your social wellbeing. You will feel content and lively.
  • Exercise more – Experts say that exercising releases a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. It does not mean going to the gym regularly. You can walk for a few miles, do physical work such as gardening, cleaning and yoga. It flushes out toxins from your skin making you look good as well. It keeps the brain healthy. To learn more about yoga you can read : Why you should try yoga ? 
  • Accept who you are – don’t compare yourself with others. Each of us has different talents and abilities. Excel in whatever you choose to or like. If you’re not as good in singing as your friend, don’t feel let down. Instead fish for your abilities and accept your flaws. Accept the fact that you are unique and live the moment. Focus on your strengths and carve yourself into someone that will earn you respect and admiration.
  • Eat healthy – include lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals. Ensure that you eat properly and consume as little alcohol as you can. Good physical health is directly linked to better mental health so eat sensibly. Also, drink plenty of water.
  • Seek help – if you are struggling to cope up with everyday life, ask for help from your family, friends or visit a counselling center. You can join support groups, e-therapy or consult someone who can help you. You can read our article : Don’t be ashamed of doing a therapy 

Problems are a part of life, without which life would be dull and boring. Challenges make you stronger and are vital for a healthy living. So consider your problems temporary and adapt the ‘bring it on!’ attitude.


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