Top 5 Things women worry about in a relationship!

We get involved in relationships because we love to. It makes us feel better. However, with time changes start creeping in and things could either get better or worse depending on what we do with the relationship at stake. The fact that we are dealing with a person and not a thing, it is quite obvious for us to worry and get affected by changes in their behaviour and thoughts.

Top 5 Things women worry about in a relationship!

Women tend to be more emotional and get affected by whatever changes that take place. They are more susceptible to emotional changes than men (although we may argue over this as much as we want!). When we worry about something it, can sometimes take a toll on us and hence, affect our emotional well-being. Worrying a little is quite normal but letting that consume you will never work great, neither for your relationship nor for your individual self. Here are a few common things that almost all women worry about in a relationship:


Is he still interested in me?


These days the channels of communication are endless. Social media has taken the world by storm and we are more in touch with people from all around the world now, than we could ever think of before. You might worry if he is in touch with other women or whether he is trying to hide what he does on his social media accounts. This brings up the larger question of whether he is still interested despite the distraction around. Does he feel the same about me despite the fact that we have crossed the initial honeymoon phase? Just talk about it. That is the best way you could get the answer instead of over analysing and drawing conclusions.


Why does he not talk to me?


Men don’t tend to be great communicators. Most of the times you will find them cold. The questions that commonly worry women is : Why is he acting cold? Why does he keep his emotions away from me? Why does he not tell me what made him sad? Why does he answer in single sentences? Why does he want to end our conversation as soon as he can?


There is a deeper question for you here: Are you the one responsible? Do you judge him often? Is this why he withdrew from talking to you? Or it may be so that you are unnecessarily worry about this issue. He might just be tired or just overworked. Give him some time to open up to you instead of nagging and pushing him away.


Is it normal to lose interest in physical intimacy?

 Top 5 Things women worry about in a relationship!

It is very common sometimes for people to want lesser physical intimacy. Women worry when this happens because it is quite normal to feel that he might have lost interest or doesn’t consider them physically attractive. You need to understand that physical intimacy is no guarantee of love. He might love you a lot yet be unable to show his love physically. All couples are unique and more often than not sexual needs take the back seat after a few years when there are other important things that worry each couple.


Is he taking me for granted?


With time, people start taking lesser interest in showing that they care. Whether they actually do or not, that’s a different question. If your partner made efforts initially and no longer does, you will definitely feel like you have been taken for granted and your partner no longer considers it necessary to express his love to you. This is another common thing that worries all women. You may feel like he doesn’t prioritise you anymore or that he no longer considers it necessary to give you constant attention all the time.


Does he fantasize about someone else?

 Top 5 Things women worry about in a relationship!

Women are very insecure about their bodies. The media tends to thrive on their idea of a perfect body. The fact that you may not consider yourself perfect or have a low confidence, it is normal for you to constantly worry whether you man fantasizes about other women. Women worry if they are being cheated on just because they may not fit into the idea of having an ideal body. If your partner assures you that he considers you perfect and you are all he desires, then you should just let that worry vanish. If at all his actions prove otherwise, then you may want to rethink whether you would like to continue the relationship.

You man needs to be yours and must consider you perfect, no matter what shortcomings you have. What you can actually do is work for what you want to achieve. If you want to look better then you could give the gym a try. There is no harm in working hard to have the body of your dreams.