Top five haunted places in India


Unknown ghosts, deadly sounds, eerie silence, headless boy, mysterious deaths, ghastly laughter and several such phenomenon makes one’s hair stand at the edge. There are a million places in the world where the evil resides. Here are five haunted places of India that will give you chills!
Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan-

Said to be the spookiest fort in India, Bhangarh Fort is said to be cursed by a tantrik (magician) named Singhia. History reveals that the magician was deeply in love with Ratnavati, the princess of Bhangarh. When one day Singhia saw the princess’s maid in the market, he used his black magic on the oil she was purchasing so that upon touching it the princess would surrender herself and run to him. The princess, however, seeing the tantric enchanting the oil, foiled his plan by pouring it on the ground. As the oil struck the ground it turned into a boulder, which crushed Singhia. Dying, the magician cursed the palace with the death of all who dwelt in it.  After a year, a war took place between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh, ruining the fort completely. For someone getting lost in the fort after sunset, there is no turning back. Locals say that you need to have a strong heart to take a tour of the area. The once prospering town of Bhangarh is now feared! Throughout your experience inside Bhangarh, you will get the feeling of someone following you. It makes your skin prick and your mood sinks into depression. A signboard by Archaeological Survey of India is put up saying ,”Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” It is the topmost haunted place in India.

The Church of three kings, Goa-

Goa, known for its exotic beaches and glamorous tourist destinations, has certain haunted locales. One of them is the church of three kings where the spirit of the three kings haunt. The story goes that there were three kings who wanted to rule the place desperately. One of the master minded kings poisoned the other two and executed his dominance over the kingdom. However, people came to know about the treachery and marched on to kill the king. All the three kings were buried under the church. Weird spiritual powers and paranormal activities have been reported. It’s a holy place where evil resides.

Dsouza chawl, Mahim, Mumbai-

A three storeyed chawl in Mumbai has a well in it. A woman who was once fetching a pail of water from the well, had unfortunately fallen into it and died. The woman is seen by the residents of the chawl roaming around the well from dawn to dusk. Although harmless, her silhouette is quite ghastly!

Jamali Kamali Masjid, Delhi-

The Jamali Kamali mosque located near Qutub Minar is home for the Djinns. Now, there are many stories told about spooky incidents happening with people. The most common is that of getting slapped by an invisible force. People have mentioned that they felt a person watching them, a wisp of air as if someone just breathed on your neck and sounds of laughter as if someone is mocking you.
Dow Hills,West Bengal-

Situated in Darjeeling, a number of mysterious deaths have been reported in the Dow Hills. It is a beautiful tourist destination with many schools but is also known for paranormal murders. Several footsteps are heard inside the school when it is closed. On the stretch between the Kurseong Dow- Hill road and Forest office, woodcutters claim to have seen a headless young boy walking and disappearing in the trees. It is reported that people feel depressed, followed, watched and miserable. The feeling is so intense that it makes you want to suicide.

-Alisha Khan

Picture source : trip advisor

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