Travel tips for your summer holidays!

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

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This summer is not only being super harsh but is also compelling us to head on to our long kept desires of summer holidays. It is the season where people are heading outdoors and planning out lots of great stuff.  While some are opting for mountain getaways, others are choosing spa retreats.

Well! You will be able to relate to it if I say that every time we are on a holiday, we realize that we haven’t been adept with the travel arrangements. We often miss out on some of the very essential things. So here is a list of travel dos and don’ts that you must follow to have a carefree summer holiday.

  • Research and contact directly

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

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Research is an integral part if you wish not to waste any time on your holiday. Make sure you read about the timings of the places you wish to visit like museums, forts, galleries etc. Also, never miss out on the research for authentic places to dine. Although it is an IT era and everything today is online but we recommend that you contact your hotel directly instead of booking things via a website. This is to avoid any sort of confusion and it is a great idea to talk to the manager in person and mention all your requirements.

  • Keep your documents ready

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

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Never forget to carry your identity proofs and other necessary documents with you. If you are travelling by road in your own vehicle then it’s important to carry your RC Book, Insurance papers, pollution certificate etc.  Most importantly, carry print-outs of all your booking confirmations.

  • Little beauty pouch

Image courtesy: Instagram account: kreshabajaj

A little beauty purse is a must. This purse should consist of travel essentials like a small brush, toothpaste, face wash, face powder, scrub and a sunscreen. Also don’t forget to carry Vaseline and lip gloss with you.

  • Minimum clothes

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

Instagram account: kreshabajaj

One of the most common mistake women make is that they pack too many clothes as they do not want clothes to be repeated in their photographs. You should remember that you can always wear each outfit more than two times on your holiday. So therefore, be smart and go with the minimum.

  • First-aid kit

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

Holidays are always adventurous and we tend to venture out on new exploratory activities. So chances are that we might land up with some scratches and injuries. So make sure you pack few band aids, hand sanitizer, pain balm, ointments and medicines for a tummy upset and motion sickness.

  • Meticulous shopping

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

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Souvenir shops are always enticing and moves us to make those extra expenditures. Do not get carried away and remember that you are already spending a lot on lodging and food. Pick up souvenirs on the last day of your holiday.

  • Boredom busters

Travel tips for your summer holidays!

Holidays are unpredictable and any kind of delay can occur. So it will be intelligent to carry anything for your pastime. Carry a book, magazine, stock in some good music and if you are travelling with kids, carry a game.