Is your twin flame a counterfeit?

Is your twin flame a counterfeit?

There are times when your partner gives you clear hints that he is your twin flame counterfeit. Other times, he drops you subtle hints. But the point is: you certainly get the hints. In reality, you find it out since the moment you meet them, but it takes you a long time to believe in it. The explanation is that our perceptive subconscious mind calculates and distinguishes all the personality attributes of our partner and recognizes the weak points of this union.

Our conscious mind, however, takes time to accept this information and hence we experience the relationship to learn a valuable golden lesson.

Here are 5 alarming signs that indicate your partner is not meant to be with you; your counterfeit twin flame:


  • A series of unlucky events will take place:

Every time you are about to meet him, you will have something unlucky to happen to you giving you obvious hints and signs that there is something wrong with this union and universe is conspiring against this union to happen.

You will have your car break down on the way, you will spill a cup of coffee on you in his presence or your shoe will break. Anything wrong that will take place again and again whenever you are in his presence will be a reassurance of the fact that your twin flame is your counterfeit.


  • They are emotionally unavailable:

Is your twin flame a counterfeit?

You will notice that you are quite giving towards your partner in terms of your time and emotional availability and you are quite expressive as well. While your partner will stay aloof and cut off from you showing no interest in opening up to you. You will make repeated efforts to make things work out between you and him and you connect on an emotional level, but your partner will show least concern regarding it. This is sure to happen when your twin flame is deceitful.


  • They never support you:

Is your twin flame a counterfeit?

They will make you feel bad at your victories and achievements and will never show any support for persuading something in life. Your twin flame will be the opposite of it. They always show up in your pain as well as happiness, but your twin flame counterfeit won’t ever do the same.They will easily get angry when they witness a strong sense of your power. They will see your success as a threat to their dominance and would feel they can’t oppress you anymore.


  • They are no longer in the picture:

So, when you have gone through good, bad or even worse phase of your relationship, they will simply go away from your life. They will never text you back or pick your call.They will not show any interest in any sort of reconciliation as they will take no time to move on with their life. This a clear sign that your twin flame is a counterfeit. You will be feeling shattered and broken while he will have moved on.


  • No spiritual progress:

Is your twin flame a counterfeit?

You will find out that throughout the span of your relationship with him, you undergo difficulty in establishing a spiritual connection with your partner. You will feel that you haven’t progressed in terms of spiritual growth and he hasn’t helped you at all in finding yourself or finding your purpose in life. You will feel that you are on the same level of spiritual growth as you were before meeting him

So, when you are with a partner who has no interest in your monetary or spiritual growth than take it as false twin flame signs. Gently and gracefully walk away from this harmful relationship for your own good and spiritual growth.



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