Types of men you might not want to marry

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‘Falling in love’ is a feeling that almost all women would love to experience and of course, getting loved back by the same person. Remaining in love and not falling is very important, no matter how happy you are in the initial days of your relationship. Before you start planning to settle down with a person, it is important that you know and understand what you want from the relationship. It is also equally important to figure out that the man you are dating would be able to live upto your expectations and keep you happy.

Types of men you might not want to marry

The decision to get married is completely yours but this article would help you in taking the right one. Here are few types of men who would certainly knock the door of your heart but might not be available for a lifelong commitment.

The ‘You are right’ Man

You love him as he agrees to whatever you say but think for a while…is it a sign of a healthy relationship? Such men are usually insecure, no matter how much they love you and adore you. They say yes to everything as they suffer from inferiority complex and fear that they might lose you. This insecurity would start showing within time and cause trouble in your relationship. And it is not really possible to respect a man who does not have self-esteem. So part ways when things are still good so that you do not have bad memories of such a nice relationship.

The immature guy

It is true that it is fun to date younger men as they bring with them a breath of fresh air in the relationship as they are full of energy and enthusiasm. They would surprise you, do things that would make you happy but remember that these men would not be ready to settle down soon. Also, make sure that the guy is not looking for a motherly figure. Keep your emotions under control, unless you are sure w here you relationship is heading.

The guy who makes you go weak on your knees

The moment he comes close to you, you go weak on your knees but does that make him the perfect one for you? While physical intimacy is an important part of every relationship but that is never the only yardstick for foreseeing the future. You never know while you are dreaming of a great future together, he is just looking for ‘no strings attached’ relationship.

The ‘Eye Candy’ guy

We always dream of dating a guy, that would make others envious and while being in the arms of such a guy might make you proud, how is the relationship you both share, when in private? At the end, love matters and it is important that you both share the same feelings for each other even after the party ends.

The male chauvinist

We all love guys who open doors, pay bills and pull out chairs for us but learn the difference between chauvinism and chivalry. The same guy might think that you are not capable of looking after yourself. Such relationships would be devoid of mutual respect.

If your guy falls under any one these categories, then give your relationship a second thought.

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