Ways to get rid of dark circles under your eyes



Dark circles are a common complaint, every dermatologist or beauty expert hears about. It is a common problem, that is diagnosed with the weakening of the skin around one’s eyes. The area below eyes, starts appearing to be darker or discolored in comparison to the other parts of face. This is not a serious medical condition but makes one appear as a weak, sick and unhealthy person.

There can be many reasons behind the formation of dark circles. The most common causes are hereditary causes, lifestyle and ageing. But these days many young women, are often seen complaining about the same.

Dermatologists attribute development of dark circles in younger generations to the following reasons :

  • Unhealthy lifestyle, absence of balanced diet
  • Over consumption of caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Over consumption of alcohol
  • Overexposure to laptop, mobile screens
  • Psychological reasons such as over thinking, tension and depression
  • Imbalance of hormones


The most appropriate way to fight dark circles once and forever is by consuming food rich in iron. Women suffering from monthly cycles are also advised to eat green leafy vegetables and beetroot( rich in iron) so as to overcome, loss of blood that subsequently leads to dark circles.

Home remedies 

However, there are a few suggested home remedies that are tried and tested, to resolve the darkening of skin under eyes.

Almond oil therapy

Almond oil therapy is believed to provide the best relief to this problem. Apply few drops of almond oil around your eyes and gently massage for 5-10 minutes., before going to sleep. In the morning, first wash your eyes by splashing cold water thoroughly.

Papaya and spinach

Papaya and spinach are foods that help with digestion related problems and regulate the digestive system. Consuming both these foods helps to reduce the tiredness and sagging of under eyes internally.

Herbal powder

Try consuming a herbal powder “Triphala”, with lukewarm water. This powder is easily available on leading herbal product stores or ayurvedic stores online.

Potato and cucumber

Slices of potato and cucumber are also known to lighten the dark skin around eyes. The potato juice acts as a natural bleaching agent and lightens dark skin. Cucumber is known for it’s cooling properties and provides relief to the stressed skin around eyes.

Tea Bags 

Used tea bags is the far most trusted remedy to absolve dark circles. Just take the used tea bags and keep them in refrigerator for a couple of hours. Gently keep these cooled tea bags little below the eyes. These tea bags consist of a substance, ‘tannin”, which removes swelling around the eyes and reduces the darkening of the skin too.



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