Ways to get slimmer shoulders – Top 5

sad-505857_1280You might have slim figure but surprisingly broad shoulders but this doesn’t mean that you are in anyway less beautiful than the other women around. Broad shoulders can make a normal look go WOW in second if the right kinds of outfits are chosen.

Here are some easy ways to make the shoulder look slimmer and more appropriate with any style:

Consider wearing low cut necklines:

V-neckline or revealing necks look great on the people who have a gifted bust. You can wear polka dotted dresses with such a neckline or a floral top. If you are among those who don’t like such exposure then you can pair your dress or V-neck top with a net covering. It is best to avoid open shoulder straps and something that shows off your shoulder, such necklines tend to make the shoulder look more broad than usual.

Adjust your waist with the shoulder:

The best way to make the shoulder look slimmer is by adding dimensions to the waistline. Choose to wear clothes that has volume near the waist or you can also prefer wearing frills and pleats in the waistline. It is always recommended not to wear dresses that are heavy or bulky on the shoulder area.

Make blazers your style statement:

You can also wear jackets that are devoid of collars. There are different kinds of indo-western jackets that look great with any outfit giving the outfit a pump of fashion and making your shoulder look slimmer in the process. Never wear padded jackets, as they will push up the shoulder area.

Wear palazzos instead of skin tight pants:


Palazzos are wide-legged pants that give a volume to the portion under your waist this in turn provides a balance to the shoulders. It is also great for enhancing the look and gives an impression of longer legs.

Embroidered skirts gives a slim shoulder appearance:

Embroidered skirt transfers the attention from the shoulders to the waist. The more detailed the skirt the more surrounded your waistline will look. It is a kind of camouflaging technique that acts as a great trick. Don’t wear an upper skin that has more details than your pants or skirts.


Accompanied tricks:

Try and wear heavy neckpieces not only do they look great but it is also a trick to hide the broad shoulders in the process. It is best to grow your hair long as long hair shifts the attention from the shoulders to the hair. For the people who have thin hair, style it to a bounce, wavy or curl pattern. Such a hairstyle is another great trick of shifting attention from the shoulder.

Don’t tend to think that broad shoulders are bad or ugly. There are very few women who are blessed with athletic figure. If you have one then flaunt it but if you are at discomfort in showing them then apply the above tricks and dazzle the people around you.

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