What makes women more attracted to older men ?


This is a very subjective kind of a view. Might sound too opinionated, but the majority of us find older men very fascinating. Even though it is quite possible for you to find a young guy being matured than an older man, the latter nonetheless seem to have just the right amount of oomph to woo us. This might be attributed to the wisdom and experience that comes with age.

  • A lot of us hate the idea of a man speaking in a silly fashion, working too hard or terribly failing to attract us with all they could grab hold of over the internet. This happens to the inexperienced lot. Not only do those attempts sound pathetic, but also are a big turn off!
  • Somehow, a boyish face lacks the charm that an older face offers.
  • We love the way how effortlessly they pull out the doors, the chair at a restaurant and have the guts to pull us close in public, signalling the fact that , “She is my girl!”.
  • Their experience enables them to be great in bed. Not only do they know a woman’s body, but also how to pleasure every spot just the correct way.
  • A matured woman hardly has the time and energy to invest in waiting for a boy to grow up into a manly man.
  • Struggles in life demand a man to take charge at times, no matter how independent a woman is. Older men are more protective and women by their very nature love feeling secured. That’s how a woman’s system works.
  • Older men accept imperfections better than their younger counterparts. They do not get mad and fussy over the colour of your lipstick or that dress. Instead, they are more concerned about what lies inside a woman than just the beauty that is skin deep.
  • It is a universally accepted fact that women love to be with guys who represent their fathers better. Someone, who they can associate their dads with. Just like dads who worry about providing a secured and safe environment to their daughters, women are nurtured that way to fall for older men who can provide them with a similar sense of protection.
  • They communicate better than younger men. Not every conversation with old men has to end up in sex. They have a lot more to talk to you about than just silly, lame issues.
  • They do not get all crazy about impressing and sleeping with all the women that they come across. They have been there, done that! With age, they understand what a woman of a substance is all about and how sex isn’t everything in life. You will be mentally settled that rather than worrying about their whereabouts.

Anushree Ghosh



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