Wishing to live alone? Here’s what you should know!


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So you might have completed your education and planning to move out and be on your own, without the help of your friends, roomies or parents. But are you sure you are ready to head on and take your own responsibilities? Are you capable enough to venture into the real world all alone?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons which will help you analyse if you are ready:

You are still too needy for help:

Yes, if you are still struggling to take your own responsibilities, and organise your belongings, you shouldn’t be moving out just as yet. You might just ask them to help you at times in case you have a lot going on but if they are the ones constantly backing you up for all the daily chores like cooking, cleaning and  laundry, you should just drop the idea of being on your own, all alone.



You are still S*** scared of staying alone:

Do you struggle to forget those scary faces you have seen in horror movies lately? Those days when your roomies leave you alone do you get scared to death? If you still live in a make-believe world where ghosts might visit you from under the bed or that someone is always watching over you, say a goodbye to all your moving out plans right now. Although I will not completely rule out the possibility of people being naturally scared of staying alone for some time initially, just try braving everything out before you plan on having your own apartment.



You still don’t possess your own belongings:

Are you entirely dependent on you roommates for their stuff like cooking utensils, furniture or appliances? If you do not have any significant belongings of yours, you should drop the idea of moving out. You need to be more responsible and organised if you wish to stay alone. If you just can’t do everything all by yourself, or buy your own stuff; you aren’t mentally prepared. Adding to this is whether you are financially sound to buy all the essentials that you need. You have been too used to splitting things up with your roommate. Have you planned and calculated how much costs you would have to bear if you decide on staying alone? Chalk out an outline and then take necessary steps.


You can’t make your own food:

If you are financially stable, I won’t complain since you could afford a cook or dine out every day (this is actually extremely unhealthy!). But if you are living on a tight budget and planning to move out, you need to be aware of the fact that living alone would require you to fuel your own engine. There would be no one to cook your food. So, before you head on to stay solo, learn to cook!


You are emotionally dependent on your roommate:

Is your mental state entirely dependent on your roommate? If you constantly need your roommate to back you up when you are down, seek his/her advice for all that you wish to undertake, depend on his/her advice for every little thing; you cannot just think of living alone.


In order to live independently, you need to let go of your emotional dependence on your room mate. Build that strength and maturity to venture into the real world by teaching yourself very little things that will be of use to you later. You will soon be ready to live on your own!

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