Women in India and Their Different interests

‘Women in India’ brings images of a sari-clad lady doing her daily chores in her rustic backyard or a lady in ghagra-choli doing a breathtaking balancing act as walking with three water pots set one above another and one in her hand. If it is an urban mind, it will have images of a lady in neatly pleated sari or pure formals busy in a client meeting at office or a mother arranging breakfast for her son/daughter.

These are the stereotypes of Indian women in our mind. But what are the actual interests of today’s Indian women? Is it all about being housewife or a working mother?

Unusual careers choices:

Till date, the gender distinction is everywhere, especially, in career matters. There are those career options, which are for all and those “only for women.” Like teacher or professor, front desk jobs, KPO and BPO jobs etc. But these options are not for those with hunger for the odds. To seek the unusual, they are taking up professions like RJ-ing, veterinary surgeons, astrophysicists, and even clinical psychologists.

Pure creative pursuits:

With every passing day, girls are taking keen interest in artistic pleasures. Thus, you can see more and more women as art designers at big corporate houses, boutique owners, interior designers, and even animators.


Being an Indian woman, it is very hard to leave everything behind while working towards your dream. They say,  women here are born to suffer from cradle to grave. Thus, women here need to make sure that their interests do not clash with the interests of their family. Numbers of women opting for freelancing support this saying. From photography to writing to teaching yoga, self-employment is the latest interest zone of womenfolk in India.


A large population of urban India is of housewives who have plenty of leisure time in their hand. And they are using this leisure time to do something for this society and country as a whole. Instead of being mentally or physically idle, they prefer to get engaged in something that will help to make it a better world.


To be more precise, travelling and trekking. As women are becoming more self-independent mentally and economically, the craving to see the unseen is gripping the women hearts so much that they are leaving their comfort zone at once. The number of women backpackers is increasing in doubles every year.

Adrenaline rush:

Whether it is white water rafting or paragliding or bungee jumping, women are slowly taking the plunge. Go to any snorkeling spot and you will see women, not only trying out these extreme sports but also teaching others being mentors. Who said women are boring or are scared of such activities?

The guy things – no more:

Giving the stronger sex tough competition and intruding in men’s world, Indian women are now showing keen interest in “the-guy-things” like driving a bus, riding Harley Davidson or being into mechanical engineering. So today’s women in India have turned the table and the ball is now in men’s court.

You can either love them or hate them, but cannot ignore them.


By Durba