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The top five problems faced by our women are as following.


Even if the Indian Government enacted the dowry prohibition act in 1960, the matter has not been solved! This action not only happens in remote villages but also in towns and cities. Till today, there are some families believe that a wedding is incomplete without dowry. There are also cases, where the new bride is not accepted in the family until her parents give a certain amount of money or properties. Even if a law against dowry has been issued, not much has changed.


The other pertaining issue in our Indian society is rape. Our women are scared! Each night why can’t you women go out, why is there a time restriction for us, why should men have all the fun? For how long will we live in a society where we are scared, scared to dress up, to wear makeup, or to even go to a club at night? Women have been supressing themselves for a long time now. We need change. We should no longer be scared to speak up when something is wrong. Therefore ladies, speak up when something is wrong, together we will be powerful and unbreakable.

Eve teasing

One of the main aspect faced by every female is eve teasing. Even though there have been many FIR registered for eve teasing it’s not a problem in which the Government takes much interest. Even though many socially active organisations have spoken out, no action has yet been taken, therefore ladies we must gather our female power and teach these people a lesson, believe in women empowerment because having a strong will, will surely make you gain justice and we will live in a better society where the eve teasers will think twice before hurting your feeling or passing some unplaced comment. Stand up for our XX chromosomes!

Bride Burning

Unfortunately yes! We still live in a society where some new brides are killed or burnt. As for why, there are many reasons, such as dowry or not being able to bear a son. We may not hear it in the everyday news, but it’s a fact. Even if some of us have taken over this patriarchal society there is a still a number of women underneath and they need help!

Female Foeticide

Another pertaining issue, we female are still regarded as the weaker sex, the weak human being so it’s better if we are killed rather than feeding someone who will not be able to carry forward the family name. Crude reality, but ladies somewhere in some villages females are still seen with this eye. Therefore the Government along with the women rights organisation should take striking decisions in that matter. So that when you are fertilised as a girl you will not be called inauspicious or useless.


Niharika Essoo

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Niharika Essoo
Being of Indian origin but settled in Mauritius, Niharika chose to study and live in India, because since childhood, the country fascinated her. Traveling and Journalism are her big hobbies and helped her to grow as a human being, to combat her fears and her anguish. Therefore, Niharika says, she want to use the platform WomenNow to send a message to the world, to help people through words.