Women versus men in professional careers

Women versus Men in professional careers

Women are as good as the men in their professional career performance, as revealed by recent research. McKinsey found in a study that women’s career supersedes associate men. 79% of Midlevel and senior level women showed their interest to reach the top position of management as compared to men that numbers to 81% for the similar jobs. Moreover, women senior executives are just one-step away from the C-suite as that of men as they have a strong commitment and ambition to advance in an organization. The research also revealed that women are ready to take whatever they have to do in order to progress in their career. Approximately 2/3 of female executives surveyed were willing to sacrifice their personal lives to reach top management position.

Three quarters of women are marginally higher than men as they promote and communicate their passion to supervisors and other top management. 45 % of women revealed that they asked for promotions. With all those struggles and efforts, women are less likely to perceive that they could reach at the top. Approximately 69% of midlevel women surveyed were confident enough that they would reach the management position compared to 83% of male associates. The study also revealed that corporate culture is what women are lagging behind in order to achieve high-level positions. Three quarters of men agreed to the fact that assorted leadership teams with a noteworthy number of women were able to deliver better performance in a company. Few of them considered that it is harder for women to reach the top management.

The research also shows the lack of diversity in leadership styles and 40% of women respondents have no faith in their leadership and communication styles which don’t fit rightly with their current habits to be an effective manager. Women who are struggling to become the top manager in workplace are not getting the same support as men get. Around 89% of senior male managers say their partners supported them in career development and advancement and helped them to manage work and family life. While, 71% of senior females had the same point of view.

Researchers said that some specific steps that business could include is to increase male sponsorship to include more men while creating more support. Professional women face lack of sponsors who support them and make sure they have right to enter all possible opportunities. This could lead to dropping out women at higher rate from top management. Men act as good supporters in professional life.

Diverse performance models is another way to offer diverse programs including performance and leadership models so that there is no gender bias. They can also use appraisal measures that value a wide choice of management customs and systems. Beyond the implementation of specific measures to recruit, preserve, endorse and improve women, businesses need to produce a company philosophy that welcomes numerous management styles.