Womennow in conversation with CEO of Transparent Hands, Ms. Rameeza Moin…

Transparent Hands has ensured its excellence to provide transparent funding system for the betterment of poor patients in Pakistan. Transparent Hands endeavors to help needy patients by providing them free treatment & an opportunity to contributors to donate in a connected and transparent environment. Transparent Hands has a vision to expand its healthcare services all over Pakistan & then move towards education sector.

Womennow in conversation with CEO of Transparent Hands, Ms. Rameeza Moin...

Womennow recently had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Transparent Hands. Ms. Rameeza Moin.


  • Tell us about your early years.

I have worked as an educationist and held prominent positions for 15 years in various schools and universities of Pakistan.


  • What motivated you to take up the cause of providing surgical help to the ailing weaker sections of the society?

Womennow in conversation with CEO of Transparent Hands, Ms. Rameeza Moin...

It happened a few years ago when I went on my school trip with O-level students. On our way to the destination, we stopped at a roadside restaurant (Dhaba) for tea. There I saw a little kid who was selling boiled eggs. He was in ragged clothes and was wearing torn chappal. He also had runny rose and was breathing heavily. After few minutes his father came, who was also working in same Dhaba. Upon enquiry, I came to know that the little kid was suffering from congenital heart disease due to which his health was deteriorating. His poor father didn’t have enough money to pay for his surgical treatment. Therefore, they both had to work in a Dhaba to make both ends meet. That incident shook me to the core and made me sleepless for many nights. I wanted to do something for such people but didn’t know from where to start. It was when I discussed it with my brothers who gave me an idea to build a Crowdfunding platform in healthcare sector to conduct the surgeries of poor people free of cost. Today, with the help of a large number of donors, we are able to successfully conduct surgeries of deserving patients at our medical partners free of cost.


  • What is the overall procedure that goes into the entire process of identifying those who need such medical assistance?

We organize medical camps at slum areas each month. In the medical camps, our doctors check the patients and register those who are in need of surgical treatment. Transparent Hands further does financial and medical verification of those patients and send them to its medical partners for further process. This is how we choose deserving patients.


  • You have an extremely dedicated team of social workers and doctors working for the cause. Please tell us something about the work culture of the organisation.

Womennow in conversation with CEO of Transparent Hands, Ms. Rameeza Moin...

We have team of 12 amazing employees including doctors who are working hard in organization’s operations. We have smooth and comfortable culture in our organization. Each employee is taken care of in every aspect and in return, they show maximum results. We often organize tours out of work to various NGOs and companies. That makes our employees satisfied and happy.


  • Please share one of your success stories with us.

I’d like to tell you about one of our younger patients named ESHA WALAYAT who was a student of class 9th when she came to us. She was in the city for the treatment of her mother who was suffering from cancer. While her stay here, Esha was diagnosed with congenital heart disease for which she was operated twice in one of the best hospitals of Lahore with collaboration of Transparent Hands. During her recovery process, her mother died due to which Esha went into severe depression but with the passage of time, she started getting better. Now she studies in class 10th and she aspires to become a doctor and help other people in need.


  • In what ways can potential donors get in touch with your organisation?

Womennow in conversation with CEO of Transparent Hands, Ms. Rameeza Moin...

They can donate us through social media platforms and on our web site. Organizations, who are willing to collaborate with us for donation or other purposes, can contact us on our given email address.


  • As a woman, did you face any challenge in giving shape to Transparent Hands?

Yes, a few times. When I planned to start this organization, many people opposed my decision by saying that ‘you won’t be able to handle this’. Other people suggested me to keep working in teaching field. I got rejected every time I presented my idea in front of other people from industry. Thanks to my brothers and parents, who didn’t let me feel demotivated and encouraged me to proceed with this social cause. Till date, I still get criticism but the love and support of all the people and my family keeps me going.

  • Who do you dedicate your success to?

I dedicate my success to my brothers, without whom I’d not be able to manage such a challenging job.


  • What are your future plans with regard to the overall functioning of this great project?

Womennow in conversation with CEO of Transparent Hands, Ms. Rameeza Moin...

We are currently in process of reaching more and more patients and spreading our cause to other cities of Pakistan. Our long term goal is to work in other social welfare projects as well including education. We don’t only want to serve our community, but also wish to help the deserving people in other under developed countries.


  • You are an inspiration to many. Would you like to share a few words of encouragement for the future generation of activists/philanthropists?

To all the people who want to do something for their communities, I suggest them to never give up because of any kind of pressure. Get help and inspiration from others and play a part in resolving the issues of those who cannot afford a better living. We should always reach down and lift people up in any way we can.


We are very happy to collaborate with Transparent Hands that is striving to work for such a noble cause. Womennow wishes Ms. Rameeza Moin a grand success in all her future endeavors.