Synchronise your body and mind with yoga


In the present scenario, where our lives begin with checking the WhatsApp messages in the morning and ends up with a video call on Skype, our health takes a back seat. Health is the most important factor in a man’s life. It is the level of functional efficiency of a man or a woman which defines the quality of their lives. For optimal health, an individual should incur adequate amount of exercises on a daily basis. Yoga is a spiritual and aesthetic discipline practiced by thousands of people all across the globe for health and relaxation. Yoga has been changing lives for about 5000 years now and continues to help people meet mental , physical and spiritual goals. The benefits of yoga is limitless and has recovered people fully from severe health issues such as arthritis , chronic back pain , asthma , migraine , depression, Polycystic ovaries, liver problems etc. In fact, it is said that yoga can cure any disease under the sky.



With small lifestyle changes and some simple yoga asanas, an individual can attain magical levels of peace and soundness, both mentally and spiritually. It is considered to be an ideal process of reconciliation and rejuvenation. Practicing yoga teaches new ways of moving and responding to your body and mind.

In this fast paced life, it is difficult to find a balance in our being. To find a balance in such a routine it is very important to have a mind-body connection. The connection between the two decides everything, even your replies to your friends or your colleagues. Believe it or not but it is true. You cannot separate your health from your emotional wellbeing. Nowadays, people fall into depression way to easily than earlier days. There is so much pressure and strain from all aspects of life. The increasing competition in the market and meeting of the deadline, makes the mind go havoc over a time period. Therefore, practicing yoga on a daily basis or at least twice a week can give powerful and overwhelming results. We feel calm , composed and peaceful as the healing powers of yoga are beyond measures.


Some of the various benefits of yoga are as follows :

  1. Improves your flexibility.
  2. Builds muscle and mental strength
  3. Protects your spinal cord
  4. Betters your bone endurance
  5. Increases your blood flow
  6. Boosts immunity
  7. Makes you happier
  8. Helps you focus
  9. Relaxes your system
  10. Improves your balance

Yoga helps you control your bodies in extraordinary ways. Practicing yoga helps you achieve a deeper and a more sound sleep. Yoga has all the necessary solutions for the hustle and bustle of the modern life. The restoration ability of yoga is divine and can give you unthinkable results. Yoga promotes breathing through the nose which filters the air and gives your lungs room to breathe. When you breathe properly, all other elements of your body are directed to function in a cordial manner safeguarding your system from any type of collapse. It suppresses all the oscillations of the mind and slows down the mental loops of frustration, anger , fear and desire that can cause stress by synchronizing positive energy and your mental functioning.






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Ashwathi is an enthusiastic traveller and dancer with a passion for movies and music. Hailing from an Army background, she considers herself fortunate enough to have experienced the diverse cultures that India boasts of. She is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communications and has worked in print, radio and television.