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Had it not been for the ruthlessness of corrupt officials in our beloved motherland, Vijay Anand would have never founded the  5thpillar of Democracy–an NGO. He came up with a rather charitable idea of a Zero Rupee Note – A worthless amount but the perfect non-violent weapon of non-cooperation, the perfect way to make the corrupt self-introspect.

A Zero Rupee Note is a brilliant plan by a mastermind of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Vijay Anand, to make a corruption-free governance system, to empower the sufferer, to give to the people what belongs to them! Notes printed with “zeroes” were distributed to people to inform them of their rights and to tell them that they need not be afraid as they have nothing to Lose. It is an effort of hundreds and thousands of oppressed citizens to uproot corruption from the society. Their pledge printed at the bottom of the note reads, ‘I promise to neither accept nor give bribe.’

More than 3 million notes have been distributed so far but 5thpillar continues to expand and make its Zero Rupee Note reach every unfortunate citizen. A print of these notes can be taken from the 5th Pillar’s website. Let’s join hands with them and strive to dust off corruption from our country!