Zodiac signs that love you but don’t want to be with you

In our lives at least for once, we have played victim to  a situation when we are so sure that a person loves us but unfortunately shows no sign to be with us. The highly complex situation often makes us wonder that why love is not enough to be with someone. Neither do they stop loving you nor are they interested in being with you. This is usually a situation where you are unable to comprehend things that goes in the other person’s mind. Well! We have made that a little easier for you by listing out zodiac signs that love you but errrr….don’t want to be with you.

Zodiac signs that love you but don't want to be with you

  1. ARIES ( March 21st to April 19th)

The super confusing zodiac will make you go through a tough time. One day they will resist from cutting the phone until 5 a.m. and the very next day they will be the ones who will drop a text ‘I’m busy. Call you later’ and then not turn up. It will be super confusing. They do not know how to balance their feelings and hence they are never obvious. Even if you end up being with them, it will always be like maybe you are not actually with them.


  1. Gemini(May 22nd to June 21st)

Disclaimer before falling in love with a Gemini : They are too bad, in fact horrible at dealing with inner conflicts and while they are going through one, they will turn the world around them upside down. The problem with this zodiac is that they will combine all their energies and target it on to one person that they are amazed by. They always have ambiguity about their place in a relationship with someone. They will love unconditionally and might travel oceans for the one in love but will always be tangled with rambling rants and emotional instability.


  1. Cancer(June 22nd to July 22nd)

Zodiac signs that love you but don't want to be with you

One of the most stubborn zodiac, Cancerians will never admit that they do not want to be with you. They will knit situations where they crack dark jokes and use offending sarcasm for you to reject them first. They are well aware if they love someone but for a fact also know if it isn’t a wise match, one should let go. They are hurt equally but will not reveal in order to not complicate things more. Instead, they will opt for a meaner way of hurting you so that you yourself withdraw from the idea of a relationship with them.


  1. Leo(July 23rd to August 22nd)

Tagging along a Leo just hoping that you will end up romantically like a movie scene would be the biggest foolishness. Leo are crystal clear about their choices in life. If they want to commit, they will and vice versa. They won’t play around and make you hop from emotion to emotion. They will be blunt in telling you the reality. Hence, when they say they do not want to be in relationship at first place, believe them blindly.


  1. Virgo(August 23rd to September 22nd)

Zodiac signs that love you but don't want to be with you

Virgo people are on the softer side. They won’t leave you if they love you. If they feel that your match is not relationship worthy, they will help fix up things and maybe think of another shot. They aren’t the ones who will jump into conclusions, instead they look for possibilities. If they have made up their mind that they do not see a future with you, still they will stick around with you as they have invested so much into you emotionally.


  1. Capricorn

They are risk takers. This is the only zodiac amongst the rest that will sail into a relationship even if there are signs of a mismatch. If they are in love with you they will commit and will not hesitate from being with you. They will be aware that there might be consequences to this bonding but they anyhow will make their ways through. If they think that they have found the right one for themselves, they will hide all their insecurities and will not sacrifice you.


  1. Pisces(February 19th to March 20th)

Pisceans are very creative and great actors as well. You will be surprised to see them living their lives totally balanced despite of breaking up with you. But the truth is that they are channelizing their hurt and pain in some other direction. They might be writing poetry or watching romantic movies all by themselves, but will never show what they are truly going through. They will walk away from you completely and pretend as if they have no regret but the love will keep them awake at night and make them lose their appetite.

Love is complicated and these are the zodiacs that makes it even worse. Their attributes do not suit for a perfect love story. Some are aggressive while some are passive dwellers but they all love incredibly. The fact that they do not see a match in you lets them refrain from being with you. So, watch out for these zodiac when you fall in love and don’t be surprised if they are letting you through confusions and varying emotions.

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