Zodiac wise love life prediction for the year 2018!

2018 is around the corner. Which means a new beginning for all. While now will be the right time to start making your new year resolutions, it’s always best to know what the next year holds for you before doing so. Love life is the one thing we all search for. Whether you are single, in a relationship, married or confused about your relationship status, the stars are here to guide you along the path of love for 2018. Many of you might not believe in Astrology. But the truth is that a little guidance from the stars can help a long way in focussing on what’s important. Keep in mind though that the stars may not be right for each one of the 7 billion people on this planet, so if you don’t read what you are hoping for, don’t feel dejected. There is always something positive in store for everyone.

Zodiac wise love life prediction for the year 2018!



(March 21- April 19)


2018 might not be the best year for your romantic life Aries, and that makes me feel no better, for I fall into this zodiac too. As it happens, the planets have not aligned with your desire for love this upcoming year. Your sex drive will be satisfying though, but be certain about who you want to share this energy with. For married couples, the first half of the year will be dominated by arguments. So, it is best that you stay from relationship ruining habits like jealousy, suspicion, etc. All the single Rams out there won’t find much in the love department either. This sure sounds sad, but hey! That’s one full year of focussing on yourself. That is sometimes well spent I would say. If you are in a relationship, make sure that you tread carefully. On understanding and not impulse. The single ladies can always grow the love for themselves and have more of ME time.



(April 20 – May 20)


Any Taurus-es out there who can help the Aries find some love? It seems that if the Taurus has been wishing for love in their life, it will be granted to them in 2018. This zodiac can pin its hopes on love this year which they might find among friends, colleagues, and peers. Married couples might face some problems though. There is a good chance that lack of affection may lead you to wander off. But keep your eyes on the price. Don’t let these temptations stray you off the path of something perfect that can be achieved in 2018 or that you have already. Communication and understanding can heal any wounds that have been inflicted on your relationship or marriage.




(May 21 – June 21)

Zodiac wise love life prediction for the year 2018!

If you need someone to share your grief with Geminis, go find an Aries. As it seems, Love isn’t shining very bright for you in 2018. However, that serves a higher purpose for your zodiac as this is the year to make a connection with your soul. You won’t feel that love from outside anyway. Thus, this will be the time to connect with your soul. If you are lucky, your soul might connect with someone else’s and that would be a relationship to work for. Married couples don’t seem to have a good year ahead, as Gemini couples will face troubles too. Those seeking marriage will also have to overcome obstacles to go through with it. The best course of action is to focus on yourself.




(June 22 – July 22)


Finally, a zodiac sign that can look forward to a year filled with hopes of Love. If you want you can go for as many torrid, action-packed flings as you want. But if you have someone special in mind, now is the time to make your move Cancer. A relationship started in 2018 will go a long way too. If you were looking forward to getting married, now is the right time. If you are already married, make sure to keep your ego in check. Ego clashes are the only thing that stands to threaten a relationship for Cancers this year. Otherwise, this is the period you were waiting for you lucky one. Go for an Aries or a Gemini possibly, those two are probably depressed.




(July 23 – August 22)

Zodiac wise love life prediction for the year 2018!

“Seek and ye shall find” Leos. 2018 holds a lot of promise in the love sector for your zodiac sign. However, it seems that your understanding of what you want will not fit with the reality of it. Frustration will be around the corner if you keep looking for love. But if you stay still for some time, it will show up on your doorstep. Whether you let it in or not, is up to you. Married couples can rejoice for you are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead. A little disagreement or argument here and there is important for a healthy relationship. But otherwise Leo, you seem to be the happiest zodiac sign in 2018.




(August 23 – September 22)


You are in for a year that has been inspired by Hollywood movies Ms. Virgo. Love is on the cards, or should I say stars, for your zodiac sign. But it will be action-packed at the same time. Who wants a boring love story? So, buckle your seat belt and prepare to go through a year where you’ll look for and find love. Things might not seem to be going your way at first, but everything will eventually fall into place. Just like the Cancers, you might fall into some accidental relationship. But if the goal is long-term or to walk down the aisle, now is the perfect time for you. The environment at home will be conducive. So, married couples can look forward to a prosperous year, filled with love ahead. Happy 2018.




(September 23 – October 22)


How about trying out some flings this upcoming year? You may just find your true partner somewhere. Unlike the other zodiacs, love won’t come to you Libra, you’ll have to find it. Now don’t go around looking really hard for it. One of these flings that started as a one-night stand might prove to be the love of your life. Take it slow though, there is no rush. There will be problems in the marital department if not handled with care. Refrain from using harsh speech, as should everyone else. Lust might not be a bad thing for your sun sign Libra. Just make sure it leads you towards your soul mate and not away from them.




(October 23 – November 22)


The problem with you Scorpio is that you don’t know what Love is. Or at least what you want from it. That is the reason why most of you are still searching for it. Although 2018 doesn’t promise to be much different for your zodiac, it will give you opportunities. Your family might not be very supportive of any sort of romantic involvement in the beginning of the year but that will settle towards the end. This will be a great year otherwise which will contribute to contentment and ultimately lead to increased or renewed love. If not, then try to search within yourself, the person that you are looking for in order to better understand what you need.




(November 23 – December 21)

Have you ever been on a rollercoaster my dear Centaur? Well if you have I want you to remember that feeling, and if you haven’t then prepared for the experience, in 2018. The year is filled with passionate love and unexpected heartbreak for your zodiac. Don’t let your ego ruin a perfect thing for you. This is the time for long-term relationships and happily ever after. Married couples might find themselves prioritizing their careers but that won’t affect the mutual respect they have for one another. Only your own stubborn self can stop you from getting the love for a lifetime.




(December 22 – January 20)

Zodiac wise love life prediction for the year 2018!

You have a choice this year Capricorns. Either you can go from one partner to the next, with each being less interesting than the last. Or you can give it all up and focus on spirituality. As it happens, the possibility of a long-term thing isn’t in the stars in 2018 for this zodiac. Even for married couples, an inclination towards spirituality will lead to reduced interest towards love. This will lead to rifts. So, single people, you can either spend the next 12 months swinging from one partner to the next or just give it all up some spiritual enlightenment.




(January 21 – February 18)


Unlike the other zodiac signs, now is a do or die time for you Aquarians. You have reached a fork and will have to choose a path. Do you want love or pleasure? The conflict between the two must be resolved now. Choose wisely. If you feel you aren’t at that point in life yet, then focus on your professional life more than you do on your love life in 2018. Those who have already made a choice between love and pleasure will still be inclined towards work more than they are towards love. Take out time for your partner so as to not be single at the end of this year.




(February 19 – March 20)


Alas! It isn’t a favorable time for your love life either Pisces. Troubles in your personal life in 2018 will disturb the peace of your love. The water in which the fish sustains is turbulent. In such a time love is a challenge, not a possibility. My suggestion for this love sign is that you take some time to focus on your life. A partner will only lead to added troubles and not bring you the peace that you crave. Marriage will be a challenge too. Couples will have to spend more time trying to understand one another so that it doesn’t end in a place from where there is no going back.