6 Things to do before you settle

6 Things to do before you settle

Life can be drab and boring if people cannot fill it in with an adequate dose of adventure and mystery. Some people wish to get settled early in life, but no! Wait, for there is ample time. Life is a gift and it needs to be cherished and enjoyed. There are huge lists of things that can be done before you tie the knot. If you look closely, you will be able to see so many possibilities that fill your world, and all you did was ignore them. Marriage is a wonderful prospect, no doubt, but, what happens is, it demands your time and attention, and hence consumes your life entirely. You can’t make a journey then to fulfil your dreams, or take a walk alone on the beach, and make some lone time. So, here comes the bucket list.


  • Start working

6 Things to do before you settle

Join a job of your choice, in whichever field that you like, travel or journalism, and make the most out of it. Earn enough and buy yourself your favourite stuff, whether it be the dress you wanted or the shoes you admired as a teenager, feed yourself with your favourite dish and enjoy that salary completely. This will do you wonders and make you feel productive and wholesome.

  • Take up a new hobby

6 Things to do before you settle

This may be something out of your league, some hobby that you wanted to take up, but could not. For example, if dance interests you, go ahead, pick up a few moves, learn it well, and then practice! Nothing can be more fulfilling than learning a new form of art. If judo or martial arts interests you, walk ahead and learn it. It’s also advantageous to know some form of defence.

  • Travel extensively

6 Things to do before you settle

If you love to travel, ( I’m sure you do), take up that. Select places you want to go, call up your schoolmates and college buddies and travel the seas and oceans together. Enjoy pristine beaches and lofty mountains, and I am sure there will be nothing more satisfying than fulfilling travel goals.

  • Read

6 Things to do before you settle

Take up a book and read. Get into the habit of reading books because it broadens the horizons, it increases the chances of you finding a better partner, because well-read people tend to be smarter and graceful.

  • Adopt a pet

6 Things to do before you settle

It’s high time you learnt how to be responsible for another person, and that’s going to be your practice test! Take care of the dog, train him, feed him, clean him, and communicate with him. Dog owners are said to be the best of human beings. If not a dog, some other pet may be kept, but at least, do keep one.

  • Do something exciting

6 Things to do before you settle

Do you have adrenaline rushes and you love to conquer the wind and the sails? Move into a tourist location and take up all kinds of adventure sports, paragliding, bungee jumping, sailing, surfing, mountaineering, rock climbing, scuba diving, and everything else that interests you. Go ahead and have the fun of your lives! Because being single won’t come back again in this lifetime !! Enjoy !


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