4 Ways to counter an imbalanced body clock!

Often we hear the term ‘body clock’ from a number of people we come across and it is usually used in the context of women. It is referred to as the material instincts of women as they get older. However, the term manifests in itself a multiple other aspects of human body like hormone release, sleeping pattern, body temperature etc.

4 Ways to counter an imbalanced body clock!

Our body has a biological rhythm which controls the occurrence of natural processes such as walking, sleeping and ageing. Some of us have a balanced body clock whereas some of us have an imbalanced body clock.

What is an imbalanced body clock?

People who either wake up too early in the morning or the ones who sleep too late in the night fall in the category. People, who follow the ideal sleeping hours, fortunately fall in between.

We need to know that biological clock is a heterogeneous phenomenon and tend to vary with the human age.

How has the current lifestyle affected our body clock?

Today, lifestyle moreover plays a key role in determining the body clock and thereby significantly has changed the body clock of most city dwellers. Today, rather than the sun, our gadgets decide the pace of our day. Our extreme obsession with gadgets, irregular sleeping habits accumulates together and turns out to be the prime cause of a number of diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer and many more.

Further, the late working or shift hours makes it highly detrimental for the ones who wish to have a balanced body clock. Such situations make us vulnerable to health issues like acidity, weight gain, sleeping disorder and depression.

However, merely a few changes can make a huge impact vis-à-vis these issues.



4 Ways to counter an imbalanced body clock!

  • It will help control portion size

Chewing your food well twice as long as you usually do will help you instantly control your portion size and naturally decrease your total color consumption.

  • It will help you counter health problems

A research explains that people felt better when they ate slowly and it helped them demolish their health problems.

  • It helps your calorie intake

Eating slowly and chewing your food properly helps you in consuming 10% fewer calories opposed to when people eat hurriedly. Your brain takes time to signal your stomach that you are full and hence, this is the best technique.



  • It will help you regulate your weight

Doctors suggest that eating smaller and frequent meals would help in maintaining or losing weight as it will help you curb your sweet cravings and make you feel fuller for longer durations.


  • It will help you tackle health problems

Eating smaller and regular meals help tackling health problems like acidity and heart burn.


4 Ways to counter an imbalanced body clock!

  • It makes your body feel fresh and light

Keeping your body hydrates is the mantra to attain the right cycle of life. Drink more hydrated drinks like water, fresh fruit juice, green tea.


4 Ways to counter an imbalanced body clock!

  • It keeps your body on the right track

One cannot do away without taking proper sleeping and expecting your body to function in a balanced manner. Apart from healthy nutrition, sleep is an important element in making your body healthy.


As now you know how the body clock works, it is time to get back on the right cycle of life and lead a healthy and suitable lifestyle. It is important that we do not tie our bodies down to the hectic lifestyles of today and compromise with its accurate functioning.






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