5 Things you shouldn’t sacrifice for a relationship

5 Things you should never sacrifice for a relationship

A good relationship is one where people evolve into better human beings. You stay happy and motivated. Both bring out the best in each other without trivializing their worth. But at times, relationships fall apart when things become too demanding on either of them or both.

Here is a list of things you should not sacrifice in a relationship:


Your space


Everyone has been brought up differently. Accordingly, they have developed and lived in particular circumstances which have made them what they are today. Giving up everything to please your man isn’t the right thing to do. You should enjoy the freedom to make your own choices and live without restrictions. If you feel you are repeatedly being withheld from doing what you like, just ask him to leave.


Your happiness and fun outside the relationship

5 Things you should never sacrifice for a relationship

The idea of being in a relationship is to have someone who makes you feel better and complete rather than someone who kills you every moment. If he consistently makes you feel bad about yourself and eats into your happiness, he is definitely not the right person for you. No one should expect their loved ones to be happy and sweet- talking all the time. But, if he makes it obvious that he is intentionally hurting you; it’s better you give up on him.


Your need to grow with your experiences

5 Things you should never sacrifice for a relationship 

I have come across men who stop their partners from discovering and learning new things. Just because something didn’t work out for them, they stop their significant others from trying the same. They will always advise their partners on what’s right and what’s not. Even if she wished to take up a new adventure, he would scare her and consequently, she would willingly drop the idea of experiencing something worthwhile. This just adds on to their regrets. Be with someone who stands by you in your decisions and helps you face things together rather than confining you.


Your friends and family


If you have fallen in love quite recently, you might want to spend every minute with your partner. In the process, you forget to be with your friends and family who have been there for you through thick and thin and who will stay by your side unconditionally. No man is worth sacrificing all your relationships. Just depending on him all the time will make you too clingy and needy. Keep all your relationships strong to enjoy peace of mind.


Your emotions

5 Things you should never sacrifice for a relationship

You have the right to feel and express all your emotions. No one should be controlling that, not even your man. If he constantly asks you to adjust to his situations, his moods and actions; you are being manipulated to do so. The freedom to let yourself be on your own when you need to is something you can’t do without. You don’t owe an explanation for that to anyone. This is a part of your being.

So, embrace what personifies you. Your relationship shouldn’t take away all that you have grown up with or things you cherish. Make the right choices when choosing your partner. A good relationship will only make you grow.

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