6 Body language tips to become easily likeable!

Life hands us a variety of situations wherein we need to express ourselves as very amicable and likable people, who are easy to talk to or work with. Be it your first date or a job interview, you need to use more than just your words to make sure you impress the person in front of you. Experts have even stated that sometimes body language is more powerful than even words in order for someone to know what kind of a person you are.

Thus, here are a few tips and tricks to master the art of body language and make sure that you leave a good and lasting impression on anyone you meet and interact with –



Perfecting that Posture

6 Body language tips to become easily likeable!

When you are interacting with someone, your posture can say a lot about you. A slouching posture can indicate you are under-confident and intimidated, whereas an extremely rigid posture can also be a bog no-no as it means you are cold and not likeable. Achieving the perfect posture therefore is very important, so remember these three words – stand up straight. Having a straight posture can help you come off as a likeable and confident personality.



Correct your arms

Make sure your arms are not crossed or near your torso when talking to someone. This can make you appear defensive or closed off and thus, not an easy going and easily likeable person. It is important to have an open stance with shoulders down and relaxed arms, not too lousy though, just the perfect amount of relaxed, to show that you are open to communication and the ideas and opinions of the person you are interacting with.




Flash a smile

6 Body language tips to become easily likeable!

Whenever you enter a space or meet someone new, make sure you give them a nice smile. Greet the people you meet like they are your old friends. This will make them feel comfortable around you and view you as someone who is friendly and nice, which can be a huge asset to you in personal and professional life.


Fidgeting = No

There are many ways a person can appear fidgety. Be it moving their legs continuously, playing with their fingers or playing with the stuff that is kept near them. Make sure you don’t make this mistake. Fidgeting makes you appear as if you are not interested in the conversation at all, are impatient or plain bored. Thus, it is important to ensure that you pay good attention to the person you’re talking to you with your body language.



It’s all about the handshake

6 Body language tips to become easily likeable!

When you offer a handshake to someone you’re meeting, make sure it’s not too gentle or too firm in nature. If it is too gentle, it’ll seem like you have no confidence and a handshake which is too firm can lead to somebody else feeling very uncomfortable and probably hurt. Therefore, master a firm but gentle handshake which will help you appear confident and likeable.



No Leaning (on anything)

6 Body language tips to become easily likeable!

Be it a wall, a desk or even resting your face on your hand – leaning does not give off a very good vibe to the person whom you are interacting with. Make sure you are facing them and preferable pointing your feet in their direction while interacting with them. This will make them feel like you are interested in what they are saying, and a very confident and likeable person.